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Saints and Feasts of March 27

Friday, April 27, 2018

Saints and Feasts of April 27

On the twenty-seventh Symeon was affixed to the cross.

Holy Hieromartyr Symeon the Brother of God, 
Bishop of Jerusalem

Holy Hieromartyr Symeon the Brother of God, Bishop of Jerusalem

Saint Symeon the Brother of God as a Model for our Lives

Venerable John the Confessor, 
Abbot of Katharon Monastery

Saint John the Confessor, Abbot of Katharon Monastery

Holy Martyr Poplion

Holy Martyr Poplion

Saint Eulogios the Hospitable

Saint Eulogios the Hospitable, Who Was a Stonecutter

Holy Martyr Lollion the New

Holy Martyr Lollion the New

Holy New Martyr John Noultzos 
Together with his Brother and Brother-in-Law

Ecumenical Patriarchate Canonizes Seven New Martyrs of Kastoria

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