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April 23, 2018

Holy Martyrs Anatolios and Protoleon the Soldiers, Converted by Saint George

Sts. Anatolios and Protoleon the Martyrs (Feast Day - April 23)


To Anatolios.
At sunset the head of Anatolios was cut off,
At sunrise he saw the noetic light of the Lord.

To Protoleon.
Protoleon the Martyr of Christ was beheaded,
Having confidence in Christ like a lion has in its tail.

To turn Saint George from his faith in Christ and sacrifice to the idols, they subjected him to various tortures. Among the cruel punishments he was subject to was the Great Wheel. Therefore they tied him to a wheel below which were fixed many sharp knives, so that when the wheel spun George would be cut to pieces. Everyone believed that indeed they would find George dead and cut to pieces. But when the Emperor Diocletian and his entourage were on their way to the temple to sacrifice to the gods, thinking with satisfaction that they had finally finished him off, they suddenly saw George standing right in front of them. He had been delivered from this cruel torture by an Angel of the Lord. All who saw him were astounded, and believed he was a ghost.

Two illustrious soldiers, Anatolios and Protoleon, who held the rank of chiliarch, that is, each one commanded a thousand men, when they perceived George to be indeed alive after enduring the Great Wheel, they came to believe in Christ. They cried aloud: "One is the true God: the God of the Christians!" When the emperor heard this, he ordered their immediate execution by beheading. Therefore they were led outside the city, and beheaded, receiving in this way the crown of martyrdom.