Saturday, April 14, 2018

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Ardalion the Mime

St. Ardalion the Mime (Feast Day - April 14)


Now Ardalion the mime of old,
Mimics the Martyrs enduring the flames.

Ardalion lived during the reign of Maximian (286-305), occupying himself in the theaters in comedies, mimicking this and that, and interpreting the sufferings and dramas of others. On one such performance he decided to mimic through his interpretation the resistance of the Christians towards the tyrants, when they were being martyred. For this reason he was suspended high and lacerated, because he did not want to sacrifice to the gods.

When the people saw this, they clapped their hands and praised his favorable imitation and bravery of heart. Then Ardalion cried out with a loud voice and said to the people to be quiet, and he proclaimed himself to be truly a Christian. The governor in the audience advised him to change his mind, but Ardalion did not want to be persuaded. Remaining steadfast in his confession of Christ, he was put into flames which had been lit there, and in this way the blessed one was perfected, and received the crown of martyrdom.

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