Saturday, July 23, 2016

Synaxarion of the Holy Prophet Ezekiel

On the twenty-third of this month [July], we commemorate the Holy Prophet Ezekiel.


Ezekiel spoke heavenly things to the Hebrews,
"Adonai sees you," says the Lord.

He was the son of Buzi, from the land of Anathoth* which was inhabited by priests, and he prophesied for twenty years, which was around six hundred years before the coming of Christ.**

Homily on the Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel (St. Makarios of Egypt)


An Allegorical Explication of the Vision Described in the Prophet Ezekiel

By St. Makarios of Egypt

1. The blessed prophet Ezekiel having seen a vision from God, full of glory, made a relation of it, and committed it to writing; a vision full of mysteries, surpassing utterance. For he saw in a plain the chariot of the cherubim, four spiritual living creatures; each of which had four distinct faces: one the face of a lion, another that of an eagle, the third of an ox, and the last the face of a man. To every face there were wings, so that there were no hinder parts to any of them, nor any thing behind at all. Their necks were full of eyes, and their bellies in like manner were thick set with eyes; neither was there any one part about them at all free from eyes. There were also wheels to every face, a wheel within a wheel. And the Spirit was in the wheels. And he saw as it were the likeness of a man, and under his feet as it were a work of sapphire. And the chariot bore the cherubim, and the living creatures the Lord that sat upon them. Whithersoever they would go, it was straight-forward. And he saw under each cherub as it were the hand of a man supporting and carrying.

Prophet Ezekiel Resource Page

Holy Prophet Ezekiel (Feast Day - Slav. July 21; Gr. July 23)


Synaxarion of the Holy Prophet Ezekiel

The Holy Prophet Ezekiel

The Grand Prophetic Ministry of the Prophet Ezekiel

Holy Prophet Ezekiel as a Model for our Lives

Friday, July 22, 2016

5 Amazing Contemporary Miracles of Saint Markella of Chios

A) A man by the name of John K. wrote a letter to the Metropolitan of Chios relating the following miracle. His daughter was born at the end of June, one day before his marriage anniversary. Some months before, while either completely asleep or half asleep, a woman spoke to him, saying: "Saint Markella, Saint Markella" over and over again. During this time they were considering what to name their child at Baptism. He then understood in a mysterious way this name was revealed for the child. Though not wishing to jump to conclusions, he prayed to God for a sign if this was truly His will. 

Synaxarion of Saint Mary Magdalene


On the twenty-second of this month [July], we commemorate the Holy Myrrhbearer and Equal of the Apostles, Mary Magdalene.


With touches immaterial she touches you my Christ,
To whom you said, ‘Touch me not, O Mary.’
On the twenty-second Mary Magdalene slept.

She was from Magdala, which is in the regions of Syria. When she approached Christ, she followed Him, and because she was troubled by seven demons, she was delivered from them by the grace of Christ. Therefore she followed Christ and served Him until His Passion and Crucifixion, and became a Myrrhbearer and preacher of the gospel, and was first among the Myrrhbearers who saw the Risen Christ, along with the other Mary, namely our Lady the Theotokos.*

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