Thursday, September 3, 2015

Advice of St. Paisios to Final Year Seminary Students

Saint Paisios the Athonite was asked by certain final year students of Athoniada on what they should pay more attention to in their life, and he responded:

Be careful in your lives of the every day small events.

Saint Vasilissa the Martyr of Nicomedia

St. Vasilissa of Nicomedia (Feast Day - September 3)


On the same day Saint Vasilissa, having been delivered to the beasts and remained unharmed, was perfected in peace.


Having beheld Vasilissa with the fearsome beasts,
She now stands before the fearsome throne of the King of all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Saint John IV, Patriarch of Constantinople, Known as the Faster

St. John the Faster (Feast Day - September 2)


On the same day, commemoration of our Father among the Saints, John the Faster, Patriarch of Constantinople.


You did not delight in fleeting pleasures,
John the Faster from fleeting pleasures.

Our Holy Father John the Faster, lived in the sixth century during the reigns of three emperors: Justin, Tiberius and Maurice. He was born in Constantinople, and when he came of age he became an engraver by trade. John was pious and God-fearing, a lover of the poor and a lover of strangers.

Saint Kosmas the Hermit and Confessor

St. Kosmas the Hermit (Feast Day - September 2)

No extant information is provided for us in the Greek synaxaria about Saint Kosmas the Hermit. The few details we have were compiled by three Latin biographers of a later period. The first source is Pedrus de Natalibus from the 14th century, the second is the Venetian monk Fortunatus Ulmus (16th-17th century) in his book Life of Saint Kosmas the Hermit, and the third is Father Cornelius who lived in the 18th century who referred to an ancient manuscript in the library of Saint George de Majoris.

Ten Holy Martyrs Commemorated on September 2nd

On September 2nd we commemorate ten Holy Martyrs individually, of whom we know nothing except for the way they were martyred and what is written in their Iambic Verses.

Holy Martyr Diomedes was perfected by the broad sword.


Iron to iron was Diomedes,
Bravely he endured the blows of the broad sword.

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