Saturday, April 29, 2017

Synaxarion of the Holy Apostles Jason and Sosipater and Those With Them

Sts. Jason, Sosipater, Kerkyra and Those With Them (Feast Day - April 29)


To Jason.*
Jason found perishable life in a foreign land,
But he found another acquired even further beyond.

To Sosipater.
Dying Sosipater your face showed the glory,
Of the Father of God the Word.

To the Seven Martyrs Who Were Formerly Thieves.
When the thieves learned of the allotted portion of the thief in Eden,
They hurried to obtain their lot in the burning pitch.

To Kerkyra.
The punctured wounds from the arrow of the king,
Left a mark that shined like a pearl.

To Eusebius.**
The fire cleansed you of filth, Eusebius,
Making you the pure gold of Christ.

To Zenon and Vitalion.
Do not be afraid, Vitalion, as you approach the fire,
For Zenon goes before you and enters beforehand.

To Neon.
Not wanting to worship the gods of the Greeks,
Neon was burned and destroyed the faith of the Greeks.

Miracles of Saint Basil of Ostrog (1 of 5)


By Archimandrite Justin of Chelije

Immediately after the falling asleep of St. Basil in 1671, people started coming in great numbers to pray at his grave, just as they were accustomed to doing during his earthly life. Many miracles began taking place at the site of his grave and they have not ceased to this day.

Seven years after giving up his soul to God, in 1678, St. Basil appeared in a dream to Father Rafailo (Kosijerevac) the Abbot of Saint Luke Monastery in Zhupa near Nikshich, and ordered him to go to Ostrog and open up the Saint’s grave. The Abbot paid no attention to the dream and did not go. He had the same dream again, but he again ignored it. St. Basil then appeared to the Abbot a third time, dressed in episcopal vestments and with a censer in his hand. The Abbot woke up in fear and trepidation and told the brotherhood of his monastery about his dream. They agreed at once to make a hasty journey to Ostrog.

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Method By Which St. Cyril of Alexandria Corrected a Theological Error of a Holy Elder

The same Abba Daniel told of another great old man who dwelt in lower Egypt, who in his simplicity, said that Melchizedek was the son of God. When blessed Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria, was told about this he sent someone to him. Learning that the old man was a worker of miracles and that all he asked of God was revealed to him, and that it was because of his simplicity that he had given utterance to this saying, using guile the Archbishop said to him,

Synaxarion of Saint Memnon the Wonderworker

St. Memnon the Wonderworker (Feast Day - April 28)


Seized by the last small sleep,
Memnon tarries with all who are of God.

Our Holy Father Memnon, bidding farewell to the world and all therein for the love of God, righteously and well-pleasingly passed his life in obedience and submission, which is why he became an abbot of monks. Having acquired gentleness and love, for this reason he also became a wonderworker.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Saint John the Confessor, Abbot of Katharon Monastery

St. John the Confessor of Katharon (Feast Day - April 27)


You were cleansed of your passions O blessed John,
Like Katharon Monastery over which you presided.

Blessed John is said to have been from Irenopolis, which was one of the ten cities of Isaurian Decapolis in Asia Minor, though in his synaxarion the Decapolis he is associated with is the one in Coele-Syria. He was born around 778 to pious Christian parents whose names were Theodore and Gregoria. At nine years old he was aflame with longing for God and entered a monastery where he was tonsured a monk. Being diligent in his work, humility and obedience, he was loved by his teacher and elder, and together they attended the Seventh Ecumenical Synod in 787 at Nicaea. From there he went with his elder to Constantinople, where his elder became abbot of the Dalmatian Monastery. John in turn received the great schema and was ordained a priest, then sent by Emperor Nikephoros I (802-811) to be the abbot of Katharon Monastery. Having pastored the flock of Christ there for over ten years in a God-pleasing and apostolic manner, for this reason he was loved by all people.

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