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Synaxarion of Holy Martyr Euphrasia of Nicomedia

St. Euphrasia the Martyr (Feast Day - January 19)


Through a wise falsehood you fled wanton violence against the flesh,
And truly you contested by the sword Euphrasia.

This Saint was from the city of Nicomedia, and lived during the reign of Emperor Maximian (285-305). She was from a notable family, and was of a sensible and pious mind. After being betrayed as a Christian, and being unpersuaded to offer sacrifice to the demons, she was harshly lashed. Remaining steadfast in her confession of the Christian faith, for this reason she was handed over to a barbaric man in order to be dishonored. However the Saint fooled him in this wise manner.

Life of Saint Mark the Eugenikos of Ephesus

Saint Mark, was born with the name Emmanuel, in 1392 in the queen of cities, Constantinople. He came from pious parents, his father was called George and was a chief justice, a sakellarios, and a deacon of the Great Church, and his mother was Maria, the daughter of the pious physician Luke.

Both parents tried and succeeded in raising little Emmanuel in the teachings and admonition of the Lord. But the death of his father left him and his younger brother John orphans at a tender age.

The Saint learned his first letters from his father George, who had a famous private school. After the death of his father, his mother sent him to continue his studies with the most famous teachers of the time, John Chortasmenos (later Metropolitan Ignatios of Selymbria) and the mathematician and philosopher George Gemiston Plethon. Among his classmates was his later sworn enemy Bessarion the Cardinal.

Sayings of Abba Makarios of Alexandria

Makarios of Alexandria, born around 296, was a tradesman, a seller of sweetmeats. He went to visit Abba Pachomios at least once during Lent. He was a hermit and priest in the Cells, famous for extreme asceticism; one of his disciples was Paphnutios. He died about 393.

Saints Makarios of Egypt and Makarios of Alexandria Resource Page


The pair of Makarii had a divine death,
Sharing in the most blessed life.
On the nineteenth the Makarii obtained the blessed land.

The Makarii

Saints Makarios of Egypt the Anchorite and Makarios of Alexandria the Citizen

Saint Mark of Ephesus Resource Page

St. Mark the Eugenikos (Feast Day - January 19)


Mythically Atlas bore the heavens on his shoulders,
Truly Mark bore Orthodoxy.

Synaxarion of Saint Mark the Eugenikos of Ephesus

Life of Saint Mark the Eugenikos of Ephesus

Saint Mark the Eugenikos - the Star of Ephesus

Saint Mark of Ephesus as a Model for our Lives

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