Friday, November 24, 2017

Second Homily on the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple (St. Germanos of Constantinople)

By St. Germanos, Archbishop of Constantinople (715-730)

Behold, again another festival, and a glorious feast of the Mother of the Lord. Behold, the arrival of the blameless bride (cf. 2 Peter 3.14). Behold, the first procession of the queen. Behold, an accurate sign of the glory which will surround her.

Behold, the prelude of the divine grace which will overshadow her. Behold, the brilliant evidence of her exceptional purity. For where entering not many times, but once in the year (cf. Leviticus 16.1), the priest performs the mystical worship, there she is brought by her parents for unceasing residence, to be in the sacred sanctuary of grace.

Saint Protasius, Bishop of Milan (+ 343)

Almost nothing is known about the life of our Holy Father Protasius. He was elected Bishop of Milan in 328, and served until his death, about 343.

Saints and Feasts of November 24

Clement is cast into the depths like an anchor,
And is present with Christ, the anchor of the eschaton.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Saint Sisinius the Confessor, Bishop of Cyzicus

St. Sisinius the Confessor (Feast Day - November 23)


Having first submitted to much violence in life,
Sisinius entered life without violence.

Sisinus was from the city of Cyzicus and contested during the reign of Emperor Diocletian in the year 300, when Alexander was Governor of Cyzicus. He was accused of being a Christian to Alexander, and after confessing that he was indeed a Christian, he was bound to wild horses and forced to run with them. He was then beaten without mercy, and they forced bitter vinegar up his nose. After enduring other tortures, and performing various miracles, he was cast into prison.

Saint Alexander Nevsky (+ 1263)

St. Alexander Nevsky (Feast Day - November 23)

The Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky was born on May 30, 1220 in the city of Pereslavl-Zalessk. His father Yaroslav II, Theodore in Baptism (+ 1246), “a gentle, kindly and genial prince”, was the younger son of Vsevolod III Large Nest (+ 1212), brother of the Holy Prince Yuri Vsevolodovich (Feb. 4). Saint Alexander’s mother, Theodosia Igorevna, a Ryazan princess, was Yaroslav’s third wife. Their older son was the Holy Prince Theodore (June 5), who departed to the Lord at age fifteen. Saint Alexander was their second son.

His childhood was spent at Pereslavl-Zalessk, where his father was prince. The princely tonsure of the lad Alexander (a ceremony of initiation to be soldier) was done in the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral of Pereslavl by Saint Simon, Bishop of Suzdal (May 10), one of the compilers of the Kiev Caves Paterikon. From this Elder-Hierarch, Saint Alexander received his first blessing for military service in the name of God, to defend the Russian Church and the Russian Land.

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