Saturday, December 20, 2014

From Basil the Great To Santa Claus

In a lecture delivered in Athens to natives of Nafpaktos, His Eminence Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou examines briefly some of the characteristics of St. Basil described in the dismissal hymn for his feast. He elucidates the process by which the figure and personality of St. Basil underwent a transformation in Europe and the New World and became confused with Father Christmas or Santa Claus, who is associated with commerce, advertising, consumption, optimism and politics. He also considers the consequences of this distortion in personal and social life.

The issue I chose to examine today to your love is titled "St. Basil the Great and Santa Claus". It may seem that it lacks originality, but as you will see below it is of great importance for our time.

Photos Associated With St. John of Kronstadt Today

In the basement chapel of the Convent of Saint John of Rila in St. Petersburgh, which was founded by St. John of Kronstadt, there can be found the tomb of St. John of Kronstadt. It is said that his body was hidden years ago for fear the communists may steal his body, and till this day the location of his body is not known.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Simple Woman Who Taught a Bishop To Pray

By Metropolitan Nicholas (Selentis) of Halkida

A simple woman taught me to pray with devotion and tears. She lived in Perama of Piraeus and was contemptuously called not by her name but by her nickname "Avgoulou",* because she sold fresh eggs to make her "daily bread".

The Barefoot Cleric With the Lantern

By His Eminence Metropolitan Ambrose of Neapolis and Samareia

When I went to the Holy Land and celebrated Pascha for the first time in 1954, I saw a cleric with a white beard, thin, pale and barefoot who was coming with a lantern in his hand on Great Saturday, followed also by two barefoot nuns. I then heard a deacon named Chrysostomos saying:

"These people make their appearance here once a year. Where or how they live nobody knows."

The World's Largest Monument to Saint Nicholas in Far East Russia

The world's largest monument to Saint Nicholas is in Anadyr Chukotka in far east of Russia.

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