Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Spiritual Counsels of Elder Daniel to Saint Arsenios of Paros

St. Arsenios of Paros (Feast Day - January 31 and August 18)

As a youth, St. Arsenios of Paros (1800-1877), who was known as Athanasios in the world, was introduced to his spiritual father, the renowned Elder Daniel of Zagora in Thessaly, while he was a student in Kydoniai of Asia Minor, when he had come to confess the students there. After their meeting, Athanasios never left the side of his spiritual father till he reposed.

When Elder Daniel took his fourteen year old disciple Athanasios to Mount Athos, he taught him the lessons, canons, laws and ways of true wisdom of the monastic and angelic mode of life, of true philosophy. According to Elder Philotheos Zervakos, the biographer of St. Arsenios, "Elder Daniel was a perfect teacher, in deed as well as in word. And his pupil, Athanasios, was extremely attentive and diligent in his efforts to master the queen of the arts and sciences, the true wisdom, the monastic way of life."

Before Elder Daniel clothed Athanasios in the great and angelic habit as a monk and renamed him Arsenios, he counseled him with the following words of authentic theology and spirituality:

Saint Tryphena the Martyr

St. Tryphena the Martyr (Feast Day - January 31)

Saint Tryphena, whose name means "delicate", came from Cyzicus on the Hellespont. The daughter of Anastasios, a Roman senator, she was brought up in the Christian faith by her mother. At a time of persecution, she courted martyrdom by ridiculing the sacrifices, which the pagans were offering to their idols, and by exhorting them to convert.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Three Hierarchs Resource Page

The three greatest beacons of the Three-sunned Godhead,
who lighted the whole inhabited world with the beams of their divine doctrines.

A Miracle on the Day of the Three Hierarchs in Communist Romania

Fr. Ilie Lacatusu

By Elder Justin Parvu († 2013)

We stayed with Fr. Ilie Lacatusu († 1983) four years in Periprava at the Danube Delta.

He was generally distinguished for his internal strength and silence. Rarely did you hear him speak, and when you did he had something important to say.

Frequently he exhorted us to pray when we were in a dangerous situation. This man I must say was truly humble. He never wanted to come to the surface, but always tried to remain unnoticed.

I remember a miraculous event that took place at the Danube Delta, in which Fr. Ilie played a significant role.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Earliest Known Image of the Three Hierarchs

The Theodore Psalter (London, British Library, Add. MS 19352) is a profusely illustrated Book of Psalms from 1066 and is possibly the most significant surviving manuscript illuminated in Constantinople. It was made at a time when the anti-image movement of the iconoclasts had relatively recently been beaten down, and representational art could again flourish. The name comes from the monk who illustrated the manuscript.

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