Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The House of Saint George the New of Ioannina

The house of Saint George the New (+ January 17, 1838) has been preserved till this day in Ioannina, and serves as both a chapel and a museum.

16 Miracles of Saint George the New of Ioannina

St. George the New Martyr of Ioannina (Feast Day - January 17)

1. A woman named Stamato, from Lesinitza of Zagoriou, who had a paralyzed and fixed right hand for two months, hearing of the Saint, hastened with piety, having her father and father-in-law with her. It was a Saturday evening when she reached the tomb of the Saint, and having spent the night at the tomb, Sunday morning she was found healthy. Receiving this, and her father and father-in-law left rejoicing.

2. An eight year old child, from that surrounding area, who was speechless and had paralyzed feet since birth, was placed by the Saint’s tomb with many other sick people, and was healed to the amazement of all, and began to speak, and to walk freely.

3. Also two young siblings, a boy and a girl four and eight years old, who were both paralyzed in their feet, were both healed.

Synaxarion of Holy Emperor Theodosius the Great

On the seventeenth of this month [January], we commemorate the pious emperor Theodosius the Great.


Your rule appeared not to be a hindrance,
For you O Theodosius towards salvation.

The most-pious and renowned emperor Theodosius the Great was born in Spain, illustrious according to his family, and notable in his courage. Having been made commander of the army by the Emperor of the West Gratian, son of Valentinian, he was crowned Emperor of the East by the same emperor in Sirmium, on the sixteenth of January in the year 379, and excelled very much the other emperors in goodness. However he was somewhat prone to anger, and this is evident from the many unjust executions and killings that he ordered in Thessaloniki because of the murder of Butheric. He repeated the same act in Antioch, due to the destruction of the statue of Empress Flaccilla his wife, who is celebrated on the fourteenth of September.

Sayings of Holy Abba Achilles

Holy Abba Achilles (Feast Day - January 17)


With weapons Achilles plundered cities below,
With pains Achilles gained riches in the city above.

1. Three old men, of whom one had a bad reputation, came one day to Abba Achilles. The first asked him, 'Father, make me a fishing-net.' 'I will not make you one,' he replied. Then the second said, 'Of your charity make one, so that we may have a souvenir of you in the monastery.' But he said, 'I do not have time.' Then the third one, who had a bad reputation, said, 'Make me a fishing-net, so that I may have something from your hands, Father.' Abba Achilles answered him at once, 'For you, I will make one.' Then the two other old men asked him privately, 'Why did you not want to do what we asked you, but you promised to do what he asked?' The old man gave them this answer, 'I told you I would not make one, and you were not disappointed, since you thought that I had no time. But if I had not made one for him, he would have said, "The old man has heard about my sin, and that is why he does not want to make me anything," and so our relationship would have broken down. But now I have cheered his soul, so that he will not be overcome with grief.'

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