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The Right Hand of Saint Paraskevi at the Monastery of Saint Paraskevi in Kinopiastes of Kerkyra

The Monastery of Saint Paraskevi, which stands on a hillside in the village of Kinopiastes in Kerkyra, was established in 1571. The original monastery stood about a hundred meters from where the monastery is today. In the beginning the monastery was for men, but today it is a monastery for women. On the plaque of the monastery it says the year 1833, which is the year the monastery was restored by Monk Christopher Mazarakis, who also brought a relic of Saint Joseph the Sanctified.

Monastery of Saint Anthimos and Saint Paraskevi in Lepeda of Kefallonia

The Monastery of Saint Anthimos and Saint Paraskevi in Lepeda of Kefallonia is a female monastery that unfortunately is empty today following the death of the nun Hermioni, who served here for almost a century. It was established in 1568 as a male monastery, with Laurentios Mantzavinos being the first abbot. He along with other monks built the entrance to the cave, where they found the Holy Water of Saint Paraskevi. There they built a church and dedicated it to the miraculous Saint, when Timothy Tipaldos was the archbishop.

Holy Martyr Oraiozele of Reuma

St. Oraiozele of Reuma (Feast Day - July 26)


Oraiozele was cast into the fire O Word,
Who gushes forth a spring of miracles for all.

Saint Oraiozele lived in the first century, though nothing is known of where she was born or her youth. All we know is that her parents were Greek pagans who worshiped idols.

It happened that one day she heard the Apostle Andrew preaching the gospel, and by his message she was moved to forsake paganism and embrace the faith of Christ. Thus around the year 52 she was baptized by the Apostle Andrew.

Holy Hieromartyrs Hermolaos, Hermippos and Hermokrates of Nicomedia

Sts. Hermolaos, Hermippos and Hermokrates (Feast Day - July 26)


Hermippos, Hermolaos and Hermokrates,
You boldly shamed those who revered Hermes.
On the twenty-sixth Hermolaos was beheaded.

+ + +

The beginning of the names of these Martyrs,
Indicates their common end by the sword.
On the twenty-sixth Hermolaos was cut at the neck by a sword.

Saint Gerontios the Athonite, Founder of the Skete of Saint Anna

St. Gerontios the Athonite (Feast Day - July 26)

Though today there are twenty monasteries in the area of Mount Athos, at one time there were many more. Among these was Vouleutirion Monastery which, as the name indicates, was a place of gathering and decision making for the monastics of Mount Athos when the monasteries there were first established in the tenth century. It was placed under the supervision of Saint Athanasios the Athonite and the Great Lavra Monastery by the Roman Emperor Nikephoros Phokas at around 960. It was situated on the southwest side of Mount Athos, on a steep, lush slope at the foot of where Saint Anna's Skete is today, near the shore. Because it was near the shore, in the year 1302 Catalan Spaniards destroyed the monastery in a raid. Today the Hermitage of Saint Eleutherios - Vouleutirion exists where the monastery once stood. It was established in 1769 over the foundations of the previous monastery and remains today under the supervision of Great Lavra Monastery.

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