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Saint Gregory Kallides of Herakleia (+ 1925)

St. Gregory Kallides of Herakleia (Feast Day - July 25 and October 20)

By Anthony Patrikios

Saint Gregory (Kallides) was born on the 24th of January in 1844 from devout parents, John and Euphrosyne, in Kumbos (today's Kumbag) of the province of Herakleia in Eastern Thrace. From a young age he showed an inclination towards the priesthood and was thus recruited to serve under the Metropolitan of Selybria and later Serres, Meletios Theophilides of Thessaloniki, from whom he received the first degree of the priesthood on 26 February 1862. He studied diligently in the brilliant schools of Serres, under the direction of John Pandazidis, who later became a professor of the University, and completed his studies at Rizarios School and the Theological School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

The Orthodox Approach to Apologetics and Theological Knowledge

Fr. Philotheos Pharos:

- "Faith is not the intellectual coercion Western Christianity has come to know, according to which a person must believe because there exists logical argument A and B, for such a person has not personally verified these things. Faith is rather the path and means by which a person can make these verifications.

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The Days of the Schism of 1054 (6 of 6)

5. The Aftermath of the Schism

The exhaustive research of the sources during the twentieth century led many historians to the conclusion that there was no definitive Schism in 1054. This view is supported by two streams of thought.

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