Sunday, June 26, 2016

Who Is A Saint? (Fr. John Romanides)

By Protopresbyter Fr. John Romanides

The distinction between Saints and Fathers does not exist in the Fathers. For the Fathers of the Church, the Saints are Fathers and the Fathers are Saints.

Are those who have arrived at glorification and become saints a reality or are they not a reality? That is the fundamental issue.

The current perception is that if someone is a good human being, law-abiding and so on, then he is a good Christian and a prospective saint. In that case, all our grandmothers and grandfathers are prospective saints, according to the criteria of the moralists. Someone with a moralistic perception of sanctity might see things this way.

Holy New Martyr David the New the Agiannanitis (+ 1813)

St. David the New of Kydonies (Feast Day - June 26)

The Venerable Martyr David was from the town of Kydonies (Aivali) in Asia Minor, which had a special relationship with Mount Athos, as two dependencies were there: one belonging to Iveron Monastery and the other to Pantokratoros Monastery. Therefore when David decided to become a monastic, he went to Mount Athos, specifically to the Skete of Saint Anna, where a compatriot of his was living.

In order to repair damages to the Church of the Transfiguration on the peak of Mount Athos caused by lightning and to the Church of the Theotokos, David was sent to Smyrna to raise funds. After raising sufficient funds David returned to Mount Athos, where the two churches were repaired, and they also built two containers for water and a row of cells for pilgrims.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Holy New Martyr George of Krini (+ 1823)

St. George of Krini (Feast Day - June 25)

Saint George was born to pious and wealthy parents in the province of Attaleia (Antalya) in Asia Minor. On their property, they even had a church built dedicated to Saint Katherine.

One day when George was an infant child and was playing near his home, he was observed by Aga Brusali, the governor of the area, who wanted to take young George as his own, for he lacked a male child. George was therefore renamed Mehmed, raised by the governor, and when he came of age given to his daughter in marriage, with whom he bore a son.

Holy New Martyr Prokopios the New from Varna, Bulgaria (+ 1810)

St. Prokopios the New (Feast Day - June 25)

Saint Prokopios came from the village of Varna in Bulgaria, and at the age of twenty went to Mount Athos to live as a monk in the Skete of Saint John the Forerunner, under the guidance of Elder Dionysios.

Later, for reasons unknown to us, Prokopios abandoned the monastic life of Mount Athos and went to Smyrna, and there he became a Muslim in his despair of abandoning his monastic profession. There he was educated in Islam by the head Janissary of Smyrna who, after fifteen days, had Prokopios circumcised.

Friday, June 24, 2016

St. Savvas of Kalymnos on the Calendar Schism

By Maria Bizanis
(a close spiritual child of St. Savvas)

Regarding the Calendar he [St. Savvas] told me one day: 

"Maria, I am very much in sorrow that the people here are divided. We must listen to the Church. We should go with the New Calendar. Moreover, it is not important, as it does not involve dogmatic issues, but 13 days. Let us be obedient. Division is the worst of all. Yes, division. The abbess behind us is with the Old Calendar (he meant the Monastery of Saint Katherine). Do you want to follow me there, Maria?" 

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