Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Secret Supper, the Washing of the Feet, the Twelve Gospels, the Epitaphios and the Paschal Vigil

By Archimandrite Vassilios Papavassiliou

The Secret Supper

As we come to the end of Great Wednesday, we move on from the theme of the Bridegroom, and on Great Thursday we commemorate the Secret Supper and Jesus washing the feet of His disciples. In the morning, a full Eucharistic Liturgy of St Basil the Great is served in combination with Vespers. The relationship between the Secret Supper and the Eucharist is obvious, but many Orthodox talk about this Secret Supper as though its sole purpose was to establish the sacrament of Holy Communion. This is just silly. I am not trying to play down the reality of Holy Communion as the Body and Blood of Christ or its connection to the Secret Supper, but there is more to the acts and words of the Secret Supper than this.

Holy Eight Venerable Martyrs and Anchorites

Holy Eight Venerable Martyrs and Anchorites (Feast Day - April 25)


Eight men together who were cut at the neck,
Are brought under your yoke O Word.

The Holy Eight Venerable Martyrs and Anchorites met their end by the sword.

Holy Martyr Nike

St. Nike the Martyr (Feast Day - April 25)


Trophies of victory for decapitated Nike,
A trophy of victory is given to her as a victory-bearer.

The Holy Martyr Nike is said to have been converted to the faith of Christ after witnessing a miracle of Saint George before his martyrdom. She met her end by the sword.

Commemoration of the Consecration of the Church of the Apostle Peter Next to Hagia Sophia in Constantinople

On this day [25th of April] we commemorate the Consecration of the revered Apostoleion, namely the Church of the Holy Glorious and All-praised Leader of the Apostles Peter, located next to the holiest Great Church [of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople].

For three centuries the Chains of Holy Apostle Peter were kept in Jerusalem, and those afflicted with illness and approached them with faith received healing and release from their bondage. Patriarch Juvenal of Jerusalem presented the Chains to Eudocia, wife of the emperor Theodosius the Younger, and she in turn transferred them from Jerusalem to Constantinople in either the year 437 or 439.

On the Mystery of Christ’s Obedience (Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra)

By Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra

In a few hours, we will stand before the naked servant of the Lord, Who is crucified and Who at the same time has in His face majestic triumph, regal glory and serenity.

If we are to understand the love we should have towards other people, or our love towards God, or His towards us, we have to understand the love shared by the Father and the Son. Otherwise, we’ll never understand what is meant by the word ‘love’ and it will simply be something that calls to mind certain feelings, certain acts of tenderness and something human.

Everything starts with the Father. There is a monocracy in the Holy Trinity. It is not possible that this great moment in the divine dispensation could occur except through the Father.

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