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Contemporary Miracles and Apparitions of Saint Mark of Ephesus in Athens

The following miracles and apparitions were recorded from personal testimonies by the parish priest of the Church of Saint Mark the Eugenikos, Father Demetrios Aggelakis, in the neighborhood of Patisia in central Athens.

The Saint Takes Care of the Building of his Church

As the construction of the holy temple had progressed and the whole process was in a critical phase, there was a lack of money with the risk of further work being stopped and the whole venture stagnating. The agony of the priest was great and he called upon St. Mark's to help him, for which he received assurance from the Saint that the next day a gentleman would come and bring him a considerable sum to continue the work (he also mentioned the amount). Indeed, the next day, a gentleman from Vouliagmeni came to the temple asking if it was the temple of St. Mark, and asked to speak to the priest. He replied that he already knew what he wanted. And then the unknown gentleman revealed that the previous night there came to him in a dream a monk, who was introduced to him as Mark Eugenikos, and ordered him to help financially build his home in Kato Patisia. The gentleman obeyed the Saint and offered a donation exactly the same amount the Saint had mentioned to the priest the previous night. Thus, the erection of the church resumed.

Saint Anton the Stylite of Martqopi, Founder of Monasticism in Georgia

St. Anton of Martqopi (Feast Day - January 19)

By Archpriest Zakaria Machitadze

Our holy father Anton (Anthony) of Martqopi arrived in Georgia in the 6th century with the rest of the Thirteen Syrian Fathers and settled in Kakheti to preach the gospel of Christ. He always carried with him an icon of the Savior “Not-Made-By-Hands.” Anton made his home in the wilderness, and deer visited him every evening to nourish him with their milk.

Saint Theodore of Novgorod the Fool for Christ (+ 1392)

St. Theodore of Novgorod (Feast Day - January 19)

Venerable Theodore of Novgorod was the son of pious parents, wealthy citizens of Novgorod. Having been raised in strict Christian piety, he received a thorough education and especially loved studying Holy Scripture. Reaching the age of maturity, Theodore decided to devote himself entirely to Christ and the perfection of virtue. Imitating the lives of the saints, he imposed on himself a constant strict fast, in which he took food only once a day, as the sun went down, and on Wednesday and Friday he did not eat anything at all. He often went to church services, visited surrounding monasteries for prayer and cared for the poor, giving abundant alms to the needy, especially the foolish for the sake of Christ whom he loved, and whose feats he sought to imitate. Thus he took on himself the ascetic deed of foolishness for Christ’s sake. Having given all his possessions to the poor, he lived in great poverty until the end of his life, not even having a roof over his head, nor warm clothes on cold days, going about barefoot all the time.

Saint Macarius the Deacon of the Kiev Caves

St. Macarius the Deacon of the Kiev Caves (Feast Day - January 19)

Saint Macarius the Deacon lived in the Far Caves of the Kiev Caves Lavra, and is commemorated on January 19 because of his namesake, Saints Makarios of Egypt and Makarios of Alexandria. Saint Macarius lived during the thirteenth-fourteenth centuries, and was distinguished by his lack of covetousness. He possessed great fervor for the temple of God and he continuously read Holy Scripture and labored in fasting.

Saint Macarius the Faster of the Kiev Caves

St. Macarius the Faster of the Near Caves (Feast Day - January 19)

Venerable Macarius the Faster struggled in asceticism around the twelfth century at the Near Caves of the Kiev Caves Lavra and was a deacon. He is commemorated on January 19 because of his namesake, Saints Makarios of Egypt and Makarios of Alexandria.

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