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The Column of Saint Glykeria Which Held Her Sacred Head

Saint Nikodemos the Hagiorite, in his Synaxaristes of the Twelve Months of the Year, informs us in a footnote to the synaxarion of Saint Glykeria on May 13th, that the Holy Martyr's relics were kept in Herakleia of Thrace. There could be found a bronze basin into which the myrrh that flowed from the relics of the Saint was received, and from this myrrh in the bronze basin many pilgrims came and anointed themselves, and it was responsible for a great number of healings and miracles. This bronze basin was also placed on top of the grave of the Saint for the sanctification of holy water.

Saint Dionysius, Bishop of Milan (+ c. 360)

St. Dionysius of Milan (Feast Day - May 25)

Almost nothing is known about the life of Dionysius before his election as Bishop of Milan, which took place in 349. Dionysius was probably of Greek origin. He was a friend of the Roman Emperor Constantius II before being elected Bishop of Milan.

The Location Where the Head of St. John the Baptist Was Found the Third Time

During the time of Iconoclasm, the head of Saint John the Baptist was secretly taken from Constantinople by pious Christians, who hid it in Comana (or Kamani, near Sukhumi of Abkhazia), the city where Saint Basiliskos was martyred and Saint John Chrysostom died in exile. (In 1884, the Greek scholar Konstantinos Vrissis visited the area and conjectured that it was Kamani, not Comana Pontica, where John Chrysostom died and was initially buried). In Comana it was taken up a mountain and hidden in a place difficult to get to. When Orthodoxy was reestablished in Constantinople, a divine vision came to a priest in Comana informing him of the location of the head of Saint John, and by imperial decree it was brought back to Constantinople, where it was received by the Emperor and Patriarch and all the Orthodox people, and placed in Studion Monastery for veneration. This took place in the year 850 and is celebrated as the Third Finding of the Head of Saint John the Baptist.

Saints and Feasts of May 25

On the twenty-fifth the Head of the Forerunner was found.

Third Finding of the Honorable Head of the 
Holy Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John

Third Finding of the Honorable Head of Saint John the Baptist and Forerunner

The Location Where the Head of St. John the Baptist Was Found the Third Time

Saint John the Baptist Resource Page

Saint Zenobius, Bishop of Florence

Saint Zenobius, First Bishop of Florence

Saint Dionysius, Bishop of Milan

Saint Dionysius, Bishop of Milan (+ c. 360)

Commemoration of the Finding of the Sacred Icon 
of the Holy Great Martyr Demetrios the Myrrhgusher

The Finding of the Holy Icon of St. Demetrios In Syros

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Meletios the General and his Companions

St. Meletios the Stratelates and his Companions (Feast Day - May 24)


To Meletios.
"The pine is bitter," Meletios said, "but I am raised up,
To the honey of Hymettus."

To Kallinikos the Magician.
Beheading changed the magician into an athlete,
The calling of Kallinikos was not a vain calling.

To Stephen and John.
John together with Stephen with longing,
Bent their undefiled heads to the sword and were crowned.

To Serapion.
Fit for sculpting was the Martyr Serapion for not sacrificing,
Who was cut at the neck by worshipers of sculptures.

To the Twelve Tribunes.
Duly perishable were the tribunes and counts,
Duly imperishable were they found in the fire.

To the Two Infants Kyriakos and Christian.
Kyriakos and Christian by the sword,
Were taken up as Christian servants of the Lord.

To Marciana, Susanna and Palladia.
Marciana, Susanna and Palladia,
Were killed by wood for not sacrificing to Pallas.

To the Two Hundred and Eight Martyrs.
Two times five times twenty were beheaded by the sword,
The octet were also beheaded twofold.

To the Eleven Thousand Martyrs.
Of the thousands of steadfast rejoicing ones,
David the Prophet declared in psalmody.

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