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Saints and Feasts of August 21

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

15 Orthodox Shrines Dedicated to the Holy Apostle Jude Thaddaeus

1. Chapel of Saint Jude Thaddeus in the center of Athens in the courtyard of the Church of Saint Isidore at Lycabettus.

Saint Martha of Diveyevo (+ 1829)

St. Martha of Diveyevo (Feast Day - August 21)

Venerable Martha (in the world Maria Semenovna Miliukova) was born Feb. 10, 1810 to a peasant family of the Nizhny-Novgorod province, Ardatsky district, village of Pogiblo (now Malinovka; “Robin”). The Miliukov household, righteous and of a godly life, was close to Elder Seraphim of Sarov. Besides Maria there were two other older children—a sister Praskovya Semenovna and a brother Ivan Semenovich. With the blessing of Venerable Seraphim of Sarov, Praskovya Semenovna entered the Diveyevo community and attained to a high spiritual life. Upon the death of his spouse Ivan entered the Sarov Hermitage.

Saint Sarmean, Catholicos of Kartli in Georgia (+ 774)

St. Sarmean of Kartli (Feast Day - August 21)

By Archpriest Zakaria Machitadze

The chronicles listing the generations of chief shepherds of Georgia reveal that Saint Sarmean was leader of the Georgian Apostolic Church from the year 767 (or 760, according to some sources) until the year 774. These were years of Arab-Muslim rule in Georgia. The Arabs persecuted the Christians, oppressed those who served in the Church, and tried in every way to convert the country to Islam. Despite the frightful abuses that the faithful endured and the transformation of the city into a residence for the emir, many Tbilisi churches continued to function.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

What Sirach Said About the Prophet Samuel

Sirach 46:13-20 says:

"Samuel was loved by the Lord. As the Lord's prophet he established the kingdom and appointed rulers for the people. He judged the nation in accordance with the Law of the Lord, and the Lord protected Israel. Because Samuel was faithful, he was accepted as a true prophet. People trusted him as a seer because of his words. When his enemies were threatening him from every side, he called upon the mighty Lord and offered him a young lamb as a sacrifice. Then the Lord thundered from heaven with a mighty roar and destroyed all the enemy rulers of Philistia. When Samuel was about to die, he gave assurances before the Lord and the anointed king that he had never taken anyone's property, not even so much as a pair of shoes, and no one contradicted him. Even after he died, he prophesied to King Saul how he would die. Out of the grave he spoke as a prophet, to blot out his people's wickedness."

Saint Oswin, King of Deira (+ 651)

St. Oswin of Deira (Feast Day - August 20)

Saint Oswin succeeded King Oswald of Northumbria, probably around the year 644, after Oswald's death at the Battle of Maserfield. Oswin was the son of Osric. His succession, perhaps the choice of the people of Deira, split the Kingdom of Northumbria. Oswy was the successor of Bernicia to the north.

After nine years of peaceful rule, Oswy declared war on Oswin. Oswin refused to engage in battle, instead retreating to Gilling and the home of his friend, Earl Humwald. Humwald betrayed Oswin, delivering him to Oswy's soldiers by whom Oswin was put to death on August 20, 651.

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