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Saint Kalogeros the Anchorite

St. Kalogeros the Anchorite (Feast Day - June 18)

Kalogeros (Calogerus) is commemorated by the Orthodox Church on June 18, together with Bishop Gregory and the Deacon Demetrios. There are various opinions as to when these Saints existed and under what circumstances. It is generally believed they came from Carthage in North Africa and fled a persecution there which brought them to Sicily. Some believe this took place in the fifth century and the persecution was by the Monophysites, others say it was the sixth century and the persecution was by the Arian Vandals, but another tradition says they probably lived in the late seventh century, and they fled Carthage when the Arab Muslims took Carthage in 698. Though one tradition says they fled, another says they were exiled.

Saint Amand, Bishop of Bordeaux (+ 431)

St. Amand of Bordeaux (Feast Day - June 18)

We read in Saint Paulinus of Nola that Saint Amand served God from his infancy; that he was educated in the knowledge of the scriptures, and that he preserved his innocence from those stains which are generally contracted in the commerce of the world. Being ordained priest by Saint Delphin, Bishop of Bordeaux, who employed him in his church, he manifested great zeal for the glory of God.

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Isauros, Basil, Innocent, Felix, Perigrinos and Hermias

St. Iauros and Those With Him (Feast Day - June 18)


You were beheaded Isauros with your five fellow athletes,
Thus cutting at the middle of the heart the noetic dragon.

Saint Isauros, the Deacon of the Mysteries, and those with him, Basil and Innocent, were from Athens during the reign of Emperor Numerian in the year 284. Leaving their homeland, they went to Apollonia (which is in Albania, and commonly known as Polina), and there by a revelation from a divine Angel, they entered a cave and found Felix and Perigrinos and Hermias, who were Christians. Saint Isauros taught them to not love present temporary things. Thus they were fulfilled spiritually by the Saint, while they filled him bodily bringing to him food, thus confirming their words with their works.

Saints and Feasts of June 18

On the eighteenth Leontios wounded gave up his spirit.

Holy Martyr Leontios and his companions 
Hypatios, and Theodoulos

Holy Martyrs Leontios, Hypatios and Theodoulos at Tripoli in Syria

Saint Amand, Bishop of Bordeaux

Saint Amand, Bishop of Bordeaux (+ 431)

Holy Hieromartyrs Gregory and Demetrios 
with the Venerable Kalogeros the Anchorite

Saint Kalogeros the Anchorite

Venerable Leontius the Canonarch of the Kiev Caves

Saint Leontius the Canonarch of the Kiev Caves Lavra

Venerable Leontios the Athonite and Myrrhgusher

Saint Leontios the Athonite and Myrrhgusher (+ 1605)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Holy Martyr Nectan of Hartland in Devonshire (+ 510)

St. Nectan of Hartland (Feast Day - June 17)


Saint Nectan was born in Ireland but moved to Wales when he was young in 423, the eldest of the twenty-four children of King Brychan of Brycheiniog (now Brecknock in Wales), who is a Saint of the Church and commemorated on April 6th. While he was still living in Wales, God inspired him to imitate the example of Saint Anthony and other ascetics, and to embrace the monastic life.

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