Saturday, October 20, 2018

Holy Martyrs Anthony, Zebinas, Germanos, Nikephoros and Manatho the Virgin

Sts. Anthony, Zebinas, Germanos, Nikephoros and Manatho
(Feast Days - October 20 and November 12)


To Anthony, Zebinas, Germanos and Nikephoros.

The sword showed Zebinas, Germanos, Nikephoros,
With Anthony to be champions.

To Manatho (or Maratho).*

For October 20.

How will you be cleansed being cast into the fire,
Pure Manatho, virgin in spirit and body?

For November 12.

Maratho the virgin was cast into the fire,
Now she dances together with the sensible virgins.

Holy Martyrs Ebora and Enoa

Sts. Ebora and Enoa the Martyrs (Feast Day - October 20)


With stones Ebora and her fellow athlete Enoa were slain,
By the athlete-killing worshipers of stone.

The Holy Martyrs Ebora and Enoa met their end by stoning.

Some consider them to be the two male disciples of Saint Milo commemorated on November 10th, who there are known as Eboras the Presbyter and Senoas the Deacon, and are sometimes translated in English with the names Aborsam and Senoe.

Saint Basil, Bishop of Trebizond

St. Basil, Bishop of Trebizond (Feast Day - October 20)

Saint Basil, Bishop of Trebizond, is absent in the Synaxaria, however he is a local saint of the Church in Trebizond, where his commemoration was kept yearly with a Service of Praise, which Athanasios Papadopoulos-Kerameus (+ 1912) found in a manuscript in Trebizond, as he records in his Byzantine Chronicles S.12, 143. He lived during the reign of Emperors Leo VI the Wise (886-912) and Constantine VII Porphyrogenitos (913-959). For the holiness of his life, he was numbered among the Saints of Trebizond.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Holy Hieromartyrs Felix the Presbyter and Eusebius the Deacon

Sts. Felix and Eusebius the Hieromartyrs (Feast Day - October 19)


The heads of Eusebius and Felix were decapitated,
Friends through piety, O how they loved each other!

The Holy Hieromartyrs Felix the Presbyter and Eusebius the Deacon met their end by the sword.

They are perhaps the same Holy Martyrs commemorated on October 7th, where Eusebius is said to have been a Presbyter and no clerical office is ascribed to Felix.

Saint Leontios the Philosopher

St. Leontios the Philosopher (Feast Day - October 19)


Your living thoughts strangled falsehood father,
And you are delivered from the art of determining syllogisms.

Saint Leontios the Philosopher met his end in peace.

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