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Saint Hilarion the Georgian (+ 875)

St. Hilarion the Georgian (Feast Day - November 19)

Saint Hilarion the Georgian was the son of a Kakheti aristocrat. There were other children in the family, but only Hilarion was dedicated to God from his very birth. Hilarion’s father built a monastery on his own land, and there the boy was raised.

At the age of fourteen Hilarion left the monastery and his father’s guardianship and settled in a small cave in the Davit-Gareji Wilderness. There he remained for ten years.

Soon report spread through all of eastern Georgia of the angelic faster and tireless intercessor in prayer. Crowds flocked to his cave to receive instruction, blessings, and counsel. When the bishop of Rustavi came to visit Hilarion, he ordained him a priest. Soon he was made abbot of Saint Davit of Gareji Lavra.

Saint Barlaam, Abbot of the Kiev Caves (+ 1065)

St. Barlaam of the Kiev Caves (Feast Day - November 19)

Venerable Barlaam, Abbot of the Kiev Caves, lived during the eleventh century at Kiev, and was the son of one of the boyars of Prince Iziaslav I of Kiev (1045–1052). From his youth, he yearned for the monastic life and he went to Saint Anthony of the Kiev Caves (July 10), who accepted the pious youth so firmly determined to become a monk, and he bade Saint Nikon (March 23) to tonsure him.

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Heliodoros of Magydus

St. Heliodoros of Magydus (Feast Day - November 19)


Heliodoros beheld Christ as the Sun,
Above shining light on the darkness of the torments.

In the reign of the Emperor Aurelian, who governed the city of Magydus in the year 272, the blessed Heliodoros could be found in this city, boldly preaching Christ, and for this he was apprehended and brought to the governor. Standing before him, he heard many flatteries, and because he could not be persuaded to sacrifice to the idols, he was suspended and scraped, then burnt with lit torches. Because the sharpness of the torments passed through the heart of the Saint, he said, "Lord Jesus Christ, help me." Immediately a voice from heaven was heard saying, "Do not be afraid, for I am with you." When those who held the torches heard this voice, they also beheld four Angels preventing them from punishing the Saint. This caused them to believe in the Lord, and they rebuked and shamed the governor. For this they were thrown into the sea, and received from the Lord crowns of martyrdom.

Holy Martyrs Anthimos, Thallelaios, Christopher, Euphemia with their Children and the Holy Martyr Pancharios


For November 19.

Receive five athletes O Christ and give,
Five crowns, as a prize for the contest.

For November 22.

To Christopher and Euphemia.
Together with Euphemia you are praised,
Having been slaughtered together Christ-minded Christopher.

To Thallelaios and Anthimos.
Thallelaios and Anthimos were decapitated,
Blossoming evergreens as divine wood.

Holy Martyr Agapios of Caesarea

St. Agapios the Martyr (Feast Day - November 19 and August 19)


Although Agapios was torn apart by wild beasts,
His faith was unshaken in you O Word.

The History of the Martyrs in Palestine

By Eusebius of Caesarea

The Confession of Agapios

In the Fourth Year of the Persecution of our Days (A.D. 306).

It was in the fourth year of the persecution in our days, and on Friday the twentieth of the latter Teshri:* it was on this same day that the chief of tyrants, Maximinus, came to the city of Caesarea. And he made a boast that he would exhibit some novel sight to all the spectators that were assembled together on his account; for that was the same day on which he celebrated the anniversary of his birthday. And it was requisite upon the arrival of the tyrant that he should exhibit something more than what had ordinarily been done. What then was this new spectacle, but that a martyr of God should be cast to wild beasts to be devoured by them. While of old it had been the practice upon the arrival of the emperor that he should set before the spectators competitive exhibitions of various forms and different kinds, such as recitation of speeches, and listening to new and strange songs and music, and also spectacles of all sorts of wild beasts, and likewise that the spectators might have much delight and amusement in a show of gladiators.

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