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April 29, 2018

First of Five Exciting Announcements from the Mystagogy Resource Center

Dear Readers:

Christ is Risen!

Twice a year I make an appeal for your financial support of this ministry, a few weeks before Christmas and a few weeks after Easter. Your generous support is what keeps the ministry of the Mystagogy Resource Center going. To give you an example of some of the messages I have received from my readers throughout the world in the past sixty days alone, I will present five testimonials:

"Your site is by far the most informative and reliable Orthodox website on the internet."

"I don't know what I would do without your ministry."

"Yours is the only website I visit where I say 'wow' over and over again while reading the material."

"I refer to your websites daily not only for my own edification, but I use it every day in my ministry as well."

"You have to understand how much your ministry is appreciated not only by me, but by many people I know."

These testimonials are only a small sample of the dozens upon dozens I have received over the years. These five alone were sent to me by two priests in the United States, a layman in Thailand, a laywoman in Australia, and a deacon/seminarian from Romania. Though I typically don't post testimonials, nor ask for them, I thought I would share these to give you an example of how much this ministry is appreciated and helpful to people around the world.

With this, I also wanted to make a few exciting announcements. First, on this website alone, I have already surpassed 11,000 posts, making it difficult to navigate through for you the reader, and difficult for me to organize. Therefore the first announcement I wanted to make today is that in the next week, I will be deleting hundreds of posts that I don't think are necessary to keep, and I will start to organize the site by dividing each post into its own particular topic. This will take a long time, but I will start doing it this week. This is something many have asked me to do, and since it needs to be done, I will start doing it.

The next four exciting announcements will be presented with more detail over the next four days. Here I will just say what they are:

Tomorrow I will announce an exciting 50 book giveaway. Yes, 50 free quality books can be yours for free! Those eligible to enter for the 50 book giveaway will be current and future donors to this ministry, whether it be my monthly subscription or semiannual or annual. And whatever amounts to $5 a month will count as one entry. The books are being provided for by an anonymous donor, with 30 chosen by him and 20 by me. This giveaway values at over $1,000, so if you want to be eligible, you must either subscribe or donate below as soon as possible.

Friday I will announce the launch of another exciting website. This website will solely be devoted to the questions I have both received over the years as well as new future questions, together with my responses.

Saturday I will announce the launch of a second exciting website. This website will solely be devoted to book reviews.

Sunday I will announce the launch of a third exciting website. This website will solely be devoted to World Religions.

Please visit daily for more information about the above announcements. The new websites will all be part of the Mystagogy Resource Center.

With this, I urge you all to financially support this ministry. Of course, it is free for all to enjoy, but it will only be free to all as long as those who are able to can send in their financial support. If possible, please send at least an annual contribution of $60, which equals to a $5 a month subscription, which equals to about 16 cents a day. By doing so, you will also be eligible for the 50 book giveaway, which I will announce in more detail tomorrow.

Thank you!

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With love in the Risen Lord,

John Sanidopoulos