April 18, 2018

Synaxarion of Saint Kosmas the Confessor, Bishop of Chalcedon

St. Kosmas the Confessor of Chalcedon (Feast Day - April 18)


Shattered by arrows and you departed life,
Kosmas was like a discharged arrow by his words.

This Saint was nourished on the milk of asceticism, and having cleansed himself with the spiritual contests of virtue, he became a dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit. Thus he was honored with the office of the Priesthood, and later he was established as the shepherd chosen by God of the holy Church of Chalcedon.

Having armed himself with the armaments of the faith, he overthrew the pride and strength of those who refused to venerate the revered icon of Christ. He taught them to honor and venerate it, and he was the first to honor and venerate it, for which he received the crown of confession.

He kept his reverence till the end, which he had towards divine things from childhood, without being held back by the sleep of indifference. In this way he passed his life, and the renowned one arrived at the harbor of dispassion together with the wise Auxentios,* with whom he undertook the struggles of asceticism. Having entered into heavenly rest where he keeps the sabbath, he delivered his spirit into the hands of God.** His honorable relic was placed in the Church of the Holy Apostles.***


* Venerable Auxentios is also commemorated on this day.

** Saint Kosmas reposed during the reign of Emperor Leo V the Armenian (813-820).

*** This is the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople.