April 19, 2018

Synaxarion of Saint George the Confessor, Bishop of Pisidia

St. George the Confessor (Feast Day - April 19)


George as a great farmer,
Had virtue in all its forms at his departure.

This Saint lived during the years of iconoclasm, and was dedicated to God from childhood. Because of his extraordinary virtue, he was ordained Bishop of Pisidia.*

Due to collusion with the devil within the Church of God there was a movement towards the heresy of iconoclasm, and letters were sent out for all the Bishops to quickly gather in Constantinople, which is why this Saint also went.**

Because he was not persuaded to agree with the heretics, and refused to venerate the holy icons, he was condemned to exile and hardship.

There he spent the rest of his life, and departed to the Lord, from whom he received the crown of confession.


* Pisidia of Antioch.

** Saint George was at Constantinople during the iconoclastic persecution under Emperor Leo the Armenian (813-820).