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Saints and Feasts of April 3

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Saint Makarios of Corinth Resource Page

St. Makarios Notaras (Feast Day - April 17)

Life and Veneration

St. Makarios of Corinth: Author of the Philokalic Revival

Saint Makarios Notaras and Patmos

Saint Makarios Notaras, the Wonderworker of Myloi in Samos

Synaxis of All Saints of the Dodecanese

Synaxis of All Saints of the Island of Kefallonia

Synaxis of All Saints of the Metropolis of Hydra, Spetses and Aegina

Synaxis of All Saints of Patmos

The Kollyvades Movement

Kollyvades Movement Resource Page

The New Martyrs

Holy New Martyr Niketas of Nisyros (+ 1732)

Holy New Martyr Polydoros of Cyprus (+ 1794)

Holy New Martyr Theodore of Byzantium (+ 1795)

Holy New Martyr Mark of Chios (+ 1801)

Holy New Martyr Demetrios of Peloponnesos (+ 1803)

A Description of the Martyrdom Preparation of Saint Demetrios of Peloponnesos

Miracles and Shrines

Four Astonishing Miracles of Saint Makarios Notaras of Corinth

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