April 24, 2018

Holy Eight Martyrs Eusebius, Neonos, Leontios, Longinus, Danabos, Demetrios, Nestabos and Christopher

Holy Eight Martyrs of Nicomedia (Feast Day - April 24)


The eight Martyrs are equal in number,
The equal multiplied by equal multiplied by equal were beheaded.

After the martyrdom of Saint George, the impious Diocletian ordered for all Christians found throughout the world, and indeed all those who had been imprisoned after witnessing the martyrdom and miracles of Saint George and having converted thereby, were to offer sacrifices to the false gods, and if they did so they would be set free and allowed to live. If they did not do so, they would be tortured without mercy, and lastly put to death.

The eight Saints named above, because they witnessed the miracles of Saint George, believed in Christ and were imprisoned. Then they were removed from prison and made to stand before Diocletian, who urged them to sacrifice to the idols. Because they were not persuaded, first they were stripped naked and bound, then they were all beaten, suspended and lacerated to such an extent, that their flesh was flayed off and fell to the ground, and their inner organs were exposed. Finally they were beheaded, and in this way the blessed ones received crowns of martyrdom. After their death, their sacred relics gushed forth healings to the glory of God, for all those who hasten to them with faith.