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April 20, 2018

Holy Martyrs Victor, Zotikos, Zeno, Akindynos, Caesarios, Severian, Christopher, Theonas and Antoninos

St. Victor and his Companions (Feast Day - April 20)


To Akindynos and the four with him.
The four with Akindynos were slain by the sword,
Thus escaping the danger of delusion.

To Christopher and the three with him.
Covered in soot from the furnace,
Those with Christopher approached Christ.

These Saints were martyred during the reign of the impious Diocletian (284-305), when the victorious and champion Martyr of Christ George (Apr. 23) was captured and tortured, and performed those astonishing wonders. When Victor, Zotikos, Zeno, Akindynos and Severian saw the great George placed on the wheel, and remained completely unharmed by it, with one voice the five proclaimed themselves Christians, and immediately were beheaded, receiving the crown of martyrdom.

Caesarios, Christopher, Theonas and Antoninos were bodyguards of the emperor, and stood near him when Saint George was mercilessly being punished, and it was asked of him to resurrect the Greek that had been dead many days by calling upon Christ. Therefore when they saw the great George suddenly resurrect the dead man by his prayers, they immediately cast off the belts they wore which signified their rank, as well as their arms in front of the emperor in the theater, and they confessed Christ as the true God, for which they were arrested and imprisoned. After some days they stood before Diocletian, and after they were suspended and lacerated, and they were burnt with lit torches. Finally they were cast into the flames, and received from the Lord the crown of the contest.