Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Saints and Feasts of April 17

On the seventeenth Symeon was decapitated at the neck.

Holy Hieromartyr Symeon, Bishop of Persia, 
and those with him: Audella the Presbyter, 
Gothazat, Fousik, and another 
One Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Martyrs

Holy Hieromartyr Symeon the Bishop of Persia and Those With Him (+ 343)

Holy Martyr Adrian the New

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Adrian the New

Saint Agapetos, Pope of Rome

Synaxarion of Saint Agapetos I, Pope of Rome (+ 536)

Saint Makarios Notaras, Metropolitan of Corinth 
Saint Zosimas of Solovki  
Translation of the Sacred Relics of the 
Venerable Alexander of Svir

Translation of the Relics of Saint Alexander of Svir in 1641

The Incorrupt Relics of St. Alexander of Svir (video)

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