April 17, 2019

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Adrian the New

St. Adrian the New (Feast Day - April17)


They do not know who is in the midst of the flames,
Spoke knowledge. Adrian was steadfast.

The Holy Martyr Adrian was one of the Christians who was captured by the Greeks and put in prison. When the Greeks were offering sacrifices to their false gods, they removed this Saint from prison, and they were forcing him to go near the sacrificial altar to offer incense, that is to offer incense to demons. However, the brave Martyr of Christ not only did not do this, but he ran towards it and knocked down the sacrificial altar, while the sacrifices on it spilled over, and the fire was extinguished. This enraged the ruler, and the hearts of the idolaters present were inflamed with anger, so they took him and beat him without mercy. One person struck him with rods, while another crushed his mouth with a rock, and yet another hit him on the head. Finally, they lit up a great furnace, and put the Saint inside. In this way the road to martyrdom for the blessed one came to an end, and he entered a crown-bearer into the heavens.