April 27, 2019

Holy Martyr Poplion

St. Poplion the Martyr (Feast Day - April 27)


You were slaughtered Poplion and shed your blood for Christ,
As you were once bought by the blood of Christ.

The Holy Martyr Poplion met his end by a knife.

Some have suggested that Saint Poplion is the same person as Saint Pollio of Cybalae, also commemorated on this day in the Roman Martyrology, who who was executed for his faith during the persecutions of Emperor Diocletian by being burnt alive. He was a Reader in the city of Cybalae (present-day Vinkovci, Croatia) in the Roman province of Pannonia. Having suffered interrogation from the prefect Probus and refused to abjure his faith, he was put to death outside of the city walls. Though the cause of death is at variance, the one act of violence does not preclude the other.