April 11, 2019

Venerable Tryphaine of Cyzicus

Venerable Tryphaine of Cyzicus (Feast Day - April 11)


Tryphaine is separated from her earthly flesh,
Having ruled over the luxuries of that earth.

This may be the same Tryphaine of Cyzicus as the one commemorated on January 31st, however there she is described as a martyr who was gored to death by a bull in the theater, while here she is categorized as an hosia, or venerable one, implying an ascetic or monastic background, though not necessarily. They both have similar iambic verses, but the differences indicate their two different modes of life.

However, according to the Lavra Codex I 70, she is commemorated with Venerable Matrona, where it is said they came from Cyzicus and at a young age desired to become ascetics due to their great desire for Christ. Their asceticism was so severe that they had the appearance of skin and bone. They had no cell or dwelling place, but with one garment each they lived in the open air and sometimes rested on the ground. Shortly before their death, which they foresaw, they crossed themselves and delivered their souls to the Lord. Many miracles took place at their tomb.

In Cyzicus there was a popular sacred shrine with the relics of Saint Tryphaine, though it is not clear if they belonged to the one commemorated on January 31 or April 11, if they were in fact two different people.