April 12, 2019

Holy Martyrs Demes and Protion

Sts. Demes and Protion (Feast Day - April 12)


Protion was first to be deprived of his head,
Then Demes stretched forth his head to the executioner.

The Holy Martyrs Demes and Protion contested with other Christians during the reign of Maximian (285-305). Of their own will they stood before the governor, and boldly confessed their faith in Christ. He then ordered for them to be tortured without mercy. Their clothing was removed and they were bound by chains, thrown to the ground, and harshly beaten, to the point where their innards were visible. The governor then had them imprisoned, without food or water, for thirty days. An Angel of the Lord however healed their wounds and gave them heavenly food for their nourishment.

When the governor once again brought them forth for trial to be examined, he was astonished to find them healthy and whole. When the crowds beheld this miracle, they fell at the feet of the Saints and said: "We are Christians!" The governor then ordered for the Saints to be beheaded. In this way they received the crown of martyrdom from the Lord.