April 8, 2019

Saint Pausilypos of Heraclea in Thrace

St. Pausilypos (Feast Day - April 8)


Pausilypos was absent from being a sojourner on earth,
Going to a dwelling place where grief has ceased.

Saint Pausilypos, whose name in Greek means "cessation of grief", suffered under the emperor Hadrian (117-138). Denounced by the pagans, he was brought to trial before the emperor and staunchly declared himself a Christian.

They beat him with iron rods and handed him over to the governor named Precius, who for a long time attempted to make the martyr offer sacrifice to idols. The martyr remained steadfast, and finally the governor gave orders to fetter him and execute him by beheading.

Along the way, Saint Pausilypos prayed fervently that the Lord would spare him from the hand of the executioner and grant him a quick death. The Lord heard him. Pausilypos, beaten up and weak, was suddenly filled with such strength that he shattered the iron fetters and freed himself. Tossing them aside, the Saint escaped, but he died soon after at Heraclea Sintica in Thrace, as a result of the torture inflicted on him by his captors. Christians buried his body with reverence.