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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Holy New Martyr Chrysanthos of Xenophontos (+ 1821)

St. Chrysanthos of Xenophontos (Feast Day - April 10)

The Holy New Martyr Chrysanthos was martyred in Constantinople on April 10, 1821, which was Easter Sunday, on the same day as Ecumenical Patriarch Gregory V.

He was an elderly monk from the Monastery of Xenophontos on the Holy Mountain of Athos. His name is absent from the synaxaria and any further details of his life are unknown to us.

Regarding his martyric end, a manuscript from the Monastery of Xenophontos says:

"On 10 April, the day of the Bright Resurrection of the Lord, our Elder Chrysanthos met his end by the sword in the Queen of Cities by a Hagarene for the sake of piety."

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