April 30, 2019

"The Saint Heard Your Prayer" - A Miracle of Saints Raphael and Ephraim of Nea Makri

Mrs. D. P. saw in a dream that she was in the Church of Saint Raphael in Ano Souli of Marathon, together with a multitude of people. On the Holy Rock of Saint Raphael [where St. Raphael appeared and advised the fathers to build his Monastery there], he saw that there was a full body icon of St. Raphael, but there were some other pieces of velvet and other coverings of the Holy Altar before the icon of St. Raphael, and most of the people could not pass by to venerate St. Raphael. She thought: Why is there a Saint in front of them but people are not going to venerate him? And then she saw a small girl (it was St. Irene) in black clothes (it was during Great Lent when she had this dream) and she passed through the multitude of people to come up beside her and tell her: "Mrs. D., St. Raphael heard your prayer. That which you are seeking, he will do for you." And she awoke. What she was seeking was for her daughter to find an honorable husband, as she was still single. From then on she had faith in St. Raphael and his companions Sts. Nicholas and Irene that they would take care of her daughter that she would be married in the best way. She continued to pray daily to Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene, along with St. Ephraim [of Nea Makri], as his Monastery was nearby as well.

About one year later, her daughter S.P. saw a dream that she was in the Church of Saint Raphael in Ano Souli of Marathon, and there was a liturgy going on. There was also the Holy Relic of St. Ephraim in the Church as well. At one point, she saw the relic of St. Ephraim stand up and point to her, saying: "And I will help you as well!" With this dream, she was strengthened and her faith was made more sure that she had both Saints as her helpers, and with their intercessions her marriage might take place in the best manner.

St. Raphael also helped S.P. wondrously with a severe problem with her health which she overcame. The doctor diagnosed a mass in her right breast, and after a biopsy revealed that it was malignant. They did not tell her that it was malignant, however, but that they must work "prophylactically" to remove the mass. The only thing that her mother knew for sure was that her blood pressure was always up and she worried she would suffer a stroke from her worry and agony. Ultimately, however, she related her concerns to the fathers of the Monastery of Saint Raphael in Ano Souli, who gave her strength and holy oil from the vigil lamp of St. Raphael. She brought this immediately to her daughter to anoint the place where she had the problem. After a few hours she had the operation. The doctor was astonished that the mass had become totally benign. "The first time in my life I have seen such a thing!" the doctor told them. He further told them: "Go light a candle because a miracle has occurred." From then, S.P. rejoiced extremely healthy knowing that whatever occurs, it will be with her thanksgiving and faith in the wonderworking Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene for her health and her situation.