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April 30, 2019

Saint Porphyrios and the Holy Pantocrator Monastery of Ntaou Penteli

St. Porphyrios of Kavsokalyva

On March 9th 1963, as relates the current Abbess Styliani, we came to the Monastery according to the directive of Archbishop Chrysostomos of Athens. On March 14th, St. Porphyrios came to our Monastery for the first time. Then he was staying at Saint Nicholas in Kallisia, which was once a Metochion (Dependency) of our Monastery. He would come regularly with his spiritual children and many times served liturgy at our Monastery. He related to us that, when he left Mount Athos, after he was ordained a priest, he prayed to God to show him a holy place where men lived the ascetic life and had spiritual experiences. He went throughout many parts of Greece and in the end he came to Pantocrator Monastery. As he said, however, he went to the then Abbot of Penteli, Archimandrite Athanasios Kontogiannis, and asked him to give him that place, but he cast him away harshly. And because of this he came to Saint Nicholas in Kallisia nearby in order to come here to pray. From then he "saw" in his sleep and awake, as he related to us, what had occurred here.

He related to us that the Venerable Martyrs of our Monastery were not sanctified only with their blood, but that they had holy lives. They were friends with God, they were like the great Monastic Saints Pachomios, Anthony, Ephraim and Isaac the Syrians, Basil the Great and John Chrysostom. They did not leave even one minute without communicating with God. He characteristically said:

"Hear what I'm telling you, that in Orthodoxy, there is no holier place. Oh, that you had the eyes to see what occurred here. Wherever we are walking is a Holy Altar (he said looking around), for there is martyric blood and Holy Relics. They had many ascetic places that reached Marathon. Many destructions occurred from the wrath of the devil. You will see however what will occur later. It will become a great place of pilgrimage. They will come from the ends of the earth for a miracle."

Holy Venerable Martyrs of Ntaou Penteli

The Elder told us that, when he bought the land in Milesi, he wanted the land around the Monastery to be bought by spiritual people, so that the sisters wouldn't later have problems.

We loved him and routinely went to see him and get his blessing. Many times we made a trip. The sisters would go in a car to the field across from Papouli's [St. Porphyrios] Monastery for a blessing.

One day, the Elder related that he wanted to buy another piece of land, where they are now. In one of our visits to that place, a man approached us to sell the land because he needed the money. In reality, some people helped us to acquire it.

Holy Pantocrator Monastery of Ntaou Penteli

I didn't say anything to Papouli [St. Porphyrios] however. One day when we went to the property we went to the Elder to get his blessing. The sisters received his blessing and then he told me:

"Close the door. Where did you come from?"

"From further down." (I pointed to the road)

"From there you came?" the Elder asked.

"From further down," I said afraid.

"Is it large?" he asked, and he extended his hands to show the size.

"Two parcels, Elder," I confessed.

"Oh you, I wanted that. It was the ancient Monastery, a most ascetic and holy place. The place in the ancient years was called "Kliza Frouga". How did you get it?"

"God, Elder."

"I wanted Ntaou Penteli, the Monastery of the Pantocrator, and you took it from me! Kliza Frouga I wanted and you took this from me. What are we going to do with you?"*


* ***St. Porphyrios is saying this in a loving and joking manner, and he continued to guide and support and pray for the Monastery the rest of his life, and continues to do so now from Paradise.

Source: From the book Ο Όσιος Πορφύριος (Μαρτυρίες – Διηγήσεις – Νουθεσίες), published by "Enomeni Romiosini".