April 6, 2019

The Romiosini of 1821 and the Great Powers (11 of 11)

Papa-Vlachavas as depicted at the Great Meteoron Monastery

...continued from part ten.

35. The Method is Simple

The method is simple. First the distinction of Kapodistrias between Greece, Macedonia and Epirus is accepted. At the same time the inhabitants of Greece are pressed through agents to accept that they are not Romans or Byzantines, but only Greeks, in order not to claim Constantinople as their own, nor hold on to Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace. This is why the Bulgarians maintain that when they came to the Balkans, Thrace was Roman or Byzantine and not Greek. Thus they maintain that since the Greeks aren't Byzantines, they wrongly occupy a portion of Thrace.

And Yugoslavia established the so-called Macedonian Democracy as a state with its capital in Skopje, and they maintain that the Greeks wrongly occupy a portion of Macedonia, which belongs not to the Greeks, but to the Macedonians.

Based on the same arguments the Greeks wrongly occupy a portion of Epirus.

It is clearly seen by these positions the expansive plan of the Russians through the Bulgarians and the Yugoslavians, which was established in 1828 on the basis of a satanic distortion of the proposal of Kapodistrias.

36. The Turks Use the Same Design

In the same exact way it is maintained by the Turks that they took Cyprus, the Aegean and Thrace not from Greece, but from the Romans or Byzantines.

They repeatedly stress everywhere that the Greeks never occupied these places before 1912. Therefore the Greeks wrongly occupy the Aegean and Thrace and they wrongly claim Cyprus. All the neighbors of Greece without exception maintain that the "Greeks" were not liberated, but they occupied the Aegean, Thrace, Macedonia and Epirus. And they believe this on the basis of the distinction between "Greeks" and "Byzantines", that is Romans. Sometimes also it is maintained that the beginning of the liberation of Greece was the fall of Constantinople to the Turks.

37. Traitors, Illiterates or Deranged?

It must be very clear to those who maintain that there are only Greeks and not Romans or Byzantines, and only Hellenism and not Romiosini, or those who naively or deliberately maintain that Romiosini began with the Turkish occupation and not Old and New Rome. Whoever does not identify themselves with the Nation, that had as its capital Constantinople New Rome, is either illiterate, or a traitor, or deranged, since they do not recognize or they reject the modest rights and interests of the nation.

Athanasios Diakos as depicted by Photios Kontoglou

38. The Response of Papa-Vlachavas and Athanasios Diakos

In closing we have come to the question: "Was the sacrifice of 1821 for the Greece of the Great Powers and the Marxists of Greece or was it for Romiosini?"

Let us hear the response of Papa-Vlachavas and Athanasios Diakos. To the threats of the Turks that if they did not become Turks they would be tortured to death, they responded with the slogan of Romiosini: "I was born a Roman, a Roman I will die."

39. Neither Illiterate nor Deranged, But Traitors

In the consciousness of the people, Romiosini is identified with Hellenism. But now it has become apparent who repeatedly used the name Romiosini, but they separated it from Byzantium, as well as Roman and Byzantine, as if they were not the same thing, as if they were not a nation that founded Constantinople and built Hagia Sophia. This is once again precisely the design that benefits Russia. The promoters of this design are neither illiterate nor deranged. They are traitors of the sacrifice of 1821 on behalf of Romiosini.