June 8, 2019

Saint Naukratios the Studite (+ 847)

St. Naukratios the Studite (Feast Day - April 18 or June 8)


Naukratios is permitted to pass beyond the earth,
Having the Word as the steersman of the ship of his soul.

Venerable Naukratios lived in the ninth century, and was a disciple of Saint Theodore the Studite at the Stoudios Monastery in Constantinople. Like his spiritual father, he fervently upheld the veneration of sacred icons during the time of Iconoclasm, which is why he endured persecution and exile during the reign of Emperor Leo V (813-820). During this time, around 818, he endured flogging and imprisonment.

Naukratios was the recipient of most of Theodore's letters (fifty-four of them). The writings of Theodore the Studite and of Naukratios show what rapid communication the letters between the various Studite centers in exile in Asia Minor had. In the year 826, Theodore dictated his Testament, a form of spiritual guidance for the future abbots of the Stoudios Monastery, to his disciple Naukratios. When Emperor Theophilos (829-842) died, Naukratios returned to Stoudios Monastery in 842 and was elected abbot by the monks there. He reposed in the year 847, and his sacred relic was buried as a Confessor in Stoudios Monastery. Naukratios was succeeded by Nicholas the Studite (abbot, 847–50 and 853–858).

According to the Synaxarion of Constantinople, a Venerable Naukratios is commemorated on June 8th, but no other information is given to positively identify him. For this reason, Saint Nikodemos the Hagiorite presumes that we are to commemorate Naukratios the brother of Saint Basil the Great on this day, but in the Synaxarion of Maurakios it says it is Venerable Naukratios the Studite. For this reason, both can be commemorated on this day, although other sources list Naukratios the Studite for commemoration of April 18th.