June 6, 2019

Saint Jonah, Bishop of Great Perm (+ 1470)

St. Jonah of Perm (Feast Day - January 29 and June 6)

Saint Jonah, Bishop of Great Perm, was successor to Saint Pitirim, Bishop of Perm (Aug. 19), who was murdered by the Vogulani in 1455. He was enthroned by Saint Jonah, Metropolitan of Moscow (+ 1461), that year.

In 1462, the Bishop participated in a debate about faith, which took place in Uros, which was the possession of the Perm princes. Having a convincing victory, the Saint led one of the influential princes to Christ and with his help finally converted the pagans of Great Perm to Christianity. He exterminated idols, built churches, and transferred experienced priests to catechize the new converts. It is also believed he built the first monastery in the Urals dedicated to Saint John the Theologian.

Anticipating his death, the Saint sought to visit even the most remote places of the diocese, in order to strengthen his faithful in the faith with words of edification. He reposed peacefully in the Lord on June 6, 1470 and was buried at Ust-Vym at the Annunciation Cathedral.