June 10, 2019

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Neaniskos the Most-Wise

St. Neaniskos the Most-Wise (Feast Day - June 10)


By returning good for evil O crown-bearer,
You showed yourself to be most-wise in your actions.

When Maximus was governor of Alexandria, and he banished and tyrannized the Christians, he was informed of Neaniskos, the most-wise and beautiful athlete of Christ, who was betrayed by a servant girl. The governor contrived many forms of tyranny against him over the course of seven days, seeking to force him to deny Christ. When he saw that he could not persuade him, he sentenced him to be killed. For this the Martyr of Christ thanked the Lord, and went along rejoicing that he was about to complete his longed for road towards martyrdom.

Many people followed behind him, including the servant girl with them who betrayed him. When the Saint turned, he saw the servant girl following, so he motioned with his hand for her to come close to him, and when she came he gave her a gold ring that he had on his hand, and said to her: "I thank you woman, for by your betrayal you became my benefactor of these good things." Arriving at the place of judgment, he prayed, then was beheaded, and in this way the thrice-blessed one received the crown of the contest from the Lord.