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June 10, 2019

Synaxarion of the Holy Hieromartyr Timothy, Bishop of Prousis

St. Timothy of Prousis (Feast Day - June 10)


Willingly Timothy was slain by the sword,
Willingly did he in no way honor the dishonorable gods.

He contested during the reign of Julian the Apostate, in the year 361, and governed well his own church, shepherding its people in the pasture of salvation. The Saint had power and grace from God, with which he worked various miracles. Among these was killing a great dragon. This dragon lived in a cave along the public road, among the thermal waters of the city of Prousis (Prusa or Bursa), where there was a very graceful and beautiful cypress tree. This dragon, having within it the invisible wickedness of the man-killing dragon the Devil, would go out of its cave and kill with its breath alone, not only people that passed by that place, but also beasts and animals. For this reason the road was made untrodden, which lies between Prousis and the thermal waters, and no one dared pass by there.

At that time there was a queen named Christiani, who lived in Apolloniada of Bithynia, and she came to the region of Prousis. When the brethren who dwelled in the neighboring village heard of her coming, they loaded some gifts in a sacred vestment and sent them to her by means of Saint Timothy. When the Saint arrived at the cypress tree, the dragon rose up against the Saint. The Saint put the gifts at the edge of his pallium, namely his outer garment, he rolled up and bound tight the sacred vestment, and with it in his hand he slung at the dragon, who in turn withdrew from there. Having then given the queen her gifts, he embarked on his return when - O the miracle! - he beheld the dragon dead, and he glorified God. Taking with him the sacred vestment, he returned to his Metropolis. News of this miracle was spread everywhere, for which reason the people revered the Saint as a servant and friend of God.

When Julian the Apostate learned of this miracle, among others done by the Saint, he sent men to try and force him to deny Christ, however the blessed Timothy proclaimed Him as the true God, for which reason he was beheaded, and received the crown of martyrdom. His Synaxis and Feast is celebrated in his most-holy Temple, which could be found in the radiant hostel, in the Deuteron district.