June 19, 2019

Saint Barlaam of Shenkursk (+ 1462)

St. Barlaam of Shenkursk (Feast Day - June 19)

In the world he was known as Basil, was married and had two sons, though according to another version he had two daughters and eight sons. In 1456, having left his office as Novgorodian mayor, he left for the ancestral lands, the Vazhki country of the Arkhangelsk Province where he enlightened the Zavolochie with Christianity and constructed many temples. Within 15 versts [9.9 miles] from the city of Shenkursk, according to a special revelation of God, he constructed a monastery in the name of the Holy Apostle John the Theologian (which in the middle of the 15th century was destroyed), was accepted there into monasticism with the name Barlaam, being in this calling the strict executor of all monastic obediences and serving the brethren as if he was the last servant. Saint Barlaam died on June 19, 1462. In 1552 his relics were found incorrupt and became glorified for many miracles. They repose in the temple of his monastery, now a parish.