June 27, 2019

Saint Martin of Turov (+ 1150)

St. Martin of Turov (Feast Day - June 27)

Venerable Martin of Turov served as a cook under the Bishops of the Diocese of Turov Simeon, Ignatius, Joachim (1144-1146), and George. Though he labored in a kitchen all day, he did not cease to pray, in imitation of the Bishops he served. Bishop George made Saint Martin retire because of his age. But the old man did not want to leave the monastery (the bishops lived at the Monastery of Saints Boris and Gleb), and so he accepted monasticism. Like the other monks of this monastery, he lived in a separate cell, and the monks came together for worship.

Once in the spring, in the month of April, three days before the celebration of the memory of Saint Martin the Confessor - the heavenly patron of Martin, he began to suffer very severe pains. Not able to even get out of bed, Martin could only call for help. Usually nearby monks always helped each other. However, this time the heavily flooded river Pripyat interrupted all communication lines and prevented other monks from reaching the sick man's cell. By the third day, the long-suffering elder Martin was exhausted. He was well aware that because of the flood, no one could access his cell in order to at least just supply water. He could only, overcoming the pain, pray and hope in God. And the Lord heard his prayers and showed a miracle.

Sts. Boris and Gleb

Suddenly the elder Martin saw two young men in princely robes enter his cell. However, Martin did not recognize they were the holy martyrs Boris and Gleb, although they "appeared in their likeness, as painted in their icon." Having asked about the sickness of the elder, the holy brothers gave a sip of water to the one suffering from pain and thirst.

Martin invited the guests to eat, humbly asking for forgiveness for the fact that he himself could not give them anything. The Saints, blessing the hospitable old man, became invisible. Only then did the blessed Martin understand who visited him in his sickness.

After this miraculous appearance, Venerable Martin was healed - he got up on his own feet and was able to walk. He praised God and the holy martyrs Boris and Gleb. Later, the elder told the brethren about the mercy of God shown on him. Venerable Martin gave his soul to the Lord on June 27, 1150, a year after his miraculous healing.