June 12, 2019

Venerable Julian which is in Dagouta

Venerable Julian which is in Dagouta (Feast Day - June 12)


Julian, the great Father is buried,
Arriving in the grave at the threshold of his days.

Venerable Julian met his end in peace.

Dagouta seems to be the place where Venerable Julian had a church dedicated to him. It is variously spelled in sources, such as Dagazou, Dagatou, and Dagouti. Some place the location of this church in Constantinople, probably near the Church of Saint Anastasia and the Hippodrome.

However, Dagouta is placed by Ptolemy in Greater Mysia. Constantine Porphyrogennitos places in the interior of Bithynia a people Dagotthenoi, connecting them with the Mysian Olympos and with Prousa. He, however, conceives that the Dagotthenoi live between Olympos and the sea, towards Prousa. This situation is not consistent with Ptolemy, who has, however, very hazy ideas about Dagouta, and cannot rank so high as an authority in this case. Furthermore, Mount Dagouta in Bithynia is a place where ascetics dwelled.