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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Saint Andronicus, Disciple of Saint Sergius of Radonezh (+ 1395)

St. Andronikos of Moscow (Feast Day - June 13)

Venerable Andronicus (or Andronik) was born in Rostov, and being a disciple of Saint Sergius of Radonezh (Sept. 25), he received the monastic tonsure from him around 1353. Adorned with every virtue, Saint Andronicus lived at Holy Trinity Monastery for many years.

One day, Metropolitan Alexis of Moscow (Feb. 12) visited the monastery to speak with Saint Sergius about founding a monastery in Moscow in fulfillment of a vow he had made when he was saved from a shipwreck. Saint Alexis wished to establish a cenobitic monastery dedicated to the Icon of the Savior Not-Made-By Hands, and he wanted Saint Andronicus to become the abbot. Saint Sergius agreed to this proposal, and the monastery was completed between 1358-1361.

Saint Andronicus governed the monastery for many years, attracting many monks to that place. Among the notable monks of that monastery was Saint Andrew Rublev (July 4).

Metr. Alexis making St. Andronicus abbot.

Saint Andronicus reposed in the Lord on June 13th 1395 (or 1373 in other sources), and was succeeded as abbot by his disciple Saint Sava of Moscow (June 13). He was canonized at the end of the 15th century.

Venerable Andronicus was buried in the Savior Cathedral of the Andronikov Monastery. In 1812, the French plundered the monastery, the relics remained intact, but the head disappeared. After 1917, the relics also disappeared. As a result of archaeological research in 1993, the relics of Andronicus of Moscow and Sava of Moscow were discovered under the ancient throne of the Savior Cathedral of the Andronikov Monastery.

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