June 5, 2019

Commemoration of the Attack Through Terrible Threats and Violence by the Barbarian Raid

Commemoration of the Barbarian Raid Against Constantinople (June 5th)

On this day we commemorate the philanthropy of God in the attack against us through terrible threats and violence in the barbarian raid, when all of us who were destined to justly be taken prisoners, and given over to be killed by knives, the compassion and philanthropy of God through his inner mercy, redeemed us who were beyond hope.

It is unknown which barbarian raid this refers to, but it is clear that this commemoration was made on this day because a barbarian raid took place against Constantinople, and the citizens of the City, although feeling as if they were beyond hope, were saved in some way by the mercy of God.

Constantinople underwent many attacks before the 9th-10th century when this entry in the Synaxarion of Constantinople was made. It could well refer to the Avar invasion of 619 which was averted from Constantinople precisely on the 5th of June, according to the Chronicon Paschale. It could also refer to the Russian attack of 941. It probably does not refer to the Saracen and Russian attack of 860, since that is commemorated on June 25th.