June 1, 2019

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Firmus

St. Firmus the Martyr (Feast Day - June 1)


Firmus endured many torments,
He also found many rewards in the heavens.

He contested during the reign of Emperor Maximian in the year 299. Arrested for his faith in Christ, he was brought before Magus. Because he could not be persuaded to sacrifice to the idols, he was stripped naked and beaten with oxhides. Then he was suspended and his flesh was lacerated. After this his nose was cut off with a razor. Then they removed his bones from their joints. After this they cut his stomach with knives, as well as the calf of his legs and his thighs. Later he was struck with stones. Finally they beheaded him, and in this way the blessed one received the crown of martyrdom.