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November 8, 2021

When Saint George Karslides Danced With 400 Angels at a Wedding

According to the testimony of C.T., whose wedding is described below, the following was said:

The Elder [Saint George Karslides] also came to the party that took place on the eve of the wedding in Karyofyto [Xanthi] and danced a little at the beginning, because he was very happy. We also had an organ player from a village in Drama.

When he left, the organ player went to the grandmother, mother Argyro, and told her the news, criticizing the monk.

The next day, when the Elder returned by train, he went straight to the grandmother's house and told her seriously:

"Why were you surprised and upset that you were told I danced? Yes, 400 angels came there and danced and it became so joyous, would I not dance too? The groom was 19 years old and the bride was 18 and it was as Christ and the Church wanted them to be, that is why it became such a spiritual festival."

(Let us consider what dance the Elder could do, with those paralyzed legs. And yet again, instead of feeling sorry for him, wicked tongues were found to accuse him).

When the mystery of marriage took place in the church, the Elder took part together with the priest of our village. When the mystery was over and the Elder went to bless the newlyweds, he said:

"The Holy Dove, the Holy Spirit, was the first to come down and kiss the crowns, and he blessed you."

Then he excitedly gave us many heartfelt wishes.

Source: From the book Όσιος Γεώργιος της Δράμας, ο Άγιος των πτωχών και των πονεμένων. Translation by John Sanidopoulos.