November 8, 2021

"The Waves Were Filled With Angels and the Panagia Appeared" (St. Sophia of Kleisoura)

The following story is told about the journey of the refugees [from Pontus], in 1919, to their new homeland Greece.

The ship of their group was in a great storm and was in danger of sinking many times. They were finally saved.

The captain, making his cross, said:

"You had a righteous person with you and they saved you."

All eyes then fell on Sophia who, isolated in a corner of the ship, did not stop praying throughout the difficult voyage.

This narration also exists in a videotape, where she narrates the event. She says:

"The waves are filled with angels and the Panagia appeared. 'The people will be lost,' she said, 'because all of you are very sinful.'

'My Panagia, let me perish because I am the sinner, let the people be saved.'"

The name of the ship was 'Agios Nikolaos'.

When they finally arrived in Greece, the Panagia introduced herself to her, saying:

"Come to my house."

Then Sophia asked her:

"Who are you and where is your home?"

"I'm in Kleisoura," was the answer.

Source: From the book Σοφία Χοτοκουρίδου, Μια λαϊκή ασκήτρια. Translation by John Sanidopoulos.