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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

The Life of Saint Nektarios in Icons

The Birth of Saint Nektarios
Being Taught Sacred Letters by his Grandmother
At Hagia Sophia in Constantinople
Spiritually Advised by Saint Pachomios of Chios; Becmoming a Monk at Nea Moni in Chios
Ordained Metropolitan of Pentapolis

Exiled from Alexandria After a False Accusation
Preacher at Fthiotida

Spiritual Father at Fthiotida

Praying at Rizareio Ecclesiastical School

Healing a Demon-Possessed Man Upon His Arrival in Aegina

Teaching the Nuns at the Monastery He Established in Aegina

His Vision of Sts. Theodosia, Paraskevi and Kyriaki

Insulted by the Prosecutor

The Author of a Book of Hymns to the Theotokos

Delivering His Soul to the Lord in a Hospital in Athens; Healing of the Paralyzed Man

Dormition of Saint Nektarios

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