November 22, 2021

The Sainthood and Love of Saint Iakovos of Evia

Monk Akakios of Kavsokalyva, a spiritual child of Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyva, gave us the following testimonial:

It is worthwhile for me to tell you an incident that happened in Kavsokalyva together with Elder Porphyrios, which concerns Elder Iakovos and is in my opinion a great testimony.

It was May 1991, a few months before the venerable repose of the two Holy Elders, Porphyrios and Iakovos.

We were in Kavsokalyva, in the cell, that is, the room of the Elder - Elder Porphyrios himself, his submissive hieromonk Photios, the spiritual father, and myself.

Then the Elder asked me:

"What do you think of Iakovos, is he a Saint?"

"I believe so, Elder, that Iakovos is a Saint, and to prove it, I think it is enough for me to tell you about a certain event."

"Tell us," said Elder Porphyrios.

"I was in the Monastery and a gentleman approached me. He was the father of a child, and I was told the following.

'My child, my son, was in the hospital dying. In fact, a doctor crudely said to prepare the coffin as well. We waited hour by hour for him to depart. Then a lady approached me and said:

- There is an Elder at Venerable David, Iakovos, who works miracles. Why don't you go there? -

I immediately ran and came to the Monastery. I arrived almost at night. I approached the Elder and told him my pain. He then tells me,

- Let us go to the temple my child, to pray together. -

The Elder knelt on a mat in front of the icon of Venerable David and began to pray.

His prayer lasted eight whole hours.

For eight hours tears flowed from his eyes and wet the mat. He constantly prayed to God, Christ, the Panagia, he appointed Venerable David as his mediator.

At one point, in the morning, he got up and said to me happily:

- Let's go my child, your son is fine. -

I doubted inside myself, but I was ashamed to express my doubt.

Then the Elder turns to me and says:

- My child, call the Hospital, since you have doubts, to be convinced. -

I called and they told me about the wonderful event.

The dying boy was well.

He had suddenly woke up, got completely well, got up and walked, as if nothing was happening, to the surprise of the doctors and everyone there.

I then interpreted this miraculous event, as to show, to prove, the holiness of the Saint.'

And I said, "Of course, the Elder's miraculous powers are certain, but I will first dwell on the highest matter of all, the virtue of love. Because for eight hours when he was on his knees and wept and cried constantly and begged, it means that Elder Iakovos has a perfect love according to Christ. Love is the prince of all virtues, which contains all other virtues."

Source: From the book Ένας σύγχρονος Άγιος Ο Όσιος Ιάκωβος (Τσαλίκης). Translation by John Sanidopoulos.