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Friday, November 26, 2021

The Sacred Skull of Saint Stylianos

Saint Stylianos was from Paphlagonia and lived in strict asceticism for the love of Christ in the latter 6th century and early 7th century. When he reposed in the Lord, his face shone like the sun and an angel appeared to take his soul to heavenly glory. His prayers have worked many miracles, both during his earthly life and since. He is of special help to children who are ill, orphans and to childless couples.

The Sacred Skull of Saint Stylianos is kept in the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Saika of the Municipality of Agrafa, of the Metropolis of Thessaly.

This sacred and precious relic was stolen in 2011. One day the Police of Karditsa found the Sacred Skull on the counter of an antique shop in Monastiraki of Athens, out in the open to be seen by all, ready to be sold. The 51-year-old perpetrator of the theft was arrested, and discovered to have committed dozens of thefts, mainly in sacred temples in Karditsa and the surrounding area. The 76-year-old shopkeeper in Monastiraki was also arrested on charges of accepting and disposing of stolen goods. The holy skull was returned back to the Monastery of the Holy Trinity.
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