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Monday, January 6, 2020

Holy Water and Holy Springs Resource Page

Theology and Water

Orthodox Theophany Resource Page

Did God Create Water?

Prefigurations of Baptism in the Old Testament

Holy Theophany: The Baptism Of Jesus And The Blessing Of The Waters

Why Did Jesus Choose to be Baptized in the Jordan River?

The Baptism of Christ and the Baptism of Christians

Why Did Christ Call the Grace of the Holy Spirit Water? (St. Cyril of Jerusalem)

Holy Water

The Great Sanctification and Small Sanctification of the Waters According to St. Athanasios of Paros

On the Holy Water of Theophany

Why Orthodox Churches Sanctify Water at the Beginning of Each Month

Why We Bless Homes With Holy Water?

Holy Water Miracles

Homily on the Paralytic at the Pool (St. Cyril of Jerusalem)

A Sixth Century Account of a Theophany Miracle at the Jordan River

An Annual Theophany Miracle - The Jordan Reverses Its Flow (videos)

The Jordan Reverses Its Flow! (video from 2017)

Miraculous Sheatfish of the Jordan River

Two Early Christian Testimonies of the Use of Holy Water in an Exorcism

A Warning to Those Who Abstain from Holy Communion for Five Weeks in a Row

The Holy Water of Saint Photida and the Faith of the Turkish Aga

Holy New Martyr Constantine the Former Hagarene from Mytilene (+ 1819)

When St. Arsenios of Cappadocia Saw St. Haralambos in the Holy Water

Child Actor, 13, Revived From Coma After Sprinkled With Holy Water

The Flowers and the Holy Water

The Holy Water and the Magical Potion

Russian Study: Physical Property of Water Changed on Epiphany Day

ISS Crew to Study Epiphany Water

Russian Scientific Studies on the Property Change of Water on Epiphany Day

Holy Springs

Zoodochos Pege (Life-Giving Spring) Resource Page

The Recent Discovery of the Holy Spring of the Virgin Mary in Smyrna

The Miraculous Holy Water and Holy Fish of the Archangel Michael in Sebastea, Turkey

The Miraculous Spring of the Archangel Michael in Thasos and the Discovery of the Honorable Nail of the Savior

The Holy Spring of the Twelve Apostles in Constantinople

The Holy Spring of Saint Katherine in Moda, Istanbul

The Holy Water of Saint Therapon in Constantinople

The Holy Spring of Saint Paraskevi Outside Thessaloniki

The Miraculous Holy Spring of Saint Myron and the Dragon

The Holy Water of Saint Photida and the Faith of the Turkish Aga

Saint Winifred and her Holy Spring

Holy Monastery of Saint John Chrysostom in Koutsoventi and the Legend of the Leper Queen

The Healing Spring of Saint Seraphim of Sarov in Diveyevo

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