January 29, 2020

Saint Ignatius, Bishop of Smolensk (+ 1210)

St. Ignatius of Smolensk (Feast Day - January 29)

By some accounts, Saint Ignatius was the first Bishop of Smolensk. He was a friend of Saint Abraham (Aug. 21), whom he ordained to the priesthood. Bishop Ignatius was a meek and pious man, heading the trial instigated by Saint Abraham’s enemies, at which the monk was acquitted.

Saint Ignatius founded a monastery in honor of the Placing of the Robe of the Mother of God. To him is ascribed the construction of the most ancient Avraamiev Monastery in which he spent the remainder of his days with Saint Abraham, after resigning as bishop.

At the death of Saint Ignatius on January 29, 1210, a miracle is recorded to have occurred: “A great light came down from heaven upon him, and all were filled with fear.” He became known as a Wonderworker and was buried in the Annunciation Church of Avraamiev Monastery. The relics of the Saint rest in the Smolensk Cathedral.