January 15, 2020

The First Church Dedicated to Saint Gregory Palladas

Saint Gregory Palladas served as Patriarch of Alexandria for 22 years until 20 January 1710, when he retired due to illness to the Monastery of Vatopaidi on Mount Athos, where he reposed in peace on 15 January 1714. There his skull is kept as one of the monastery's most precious treasures. On 17 September 2002 he was canonized by the Patriarchate of Alexandria, and a Divine Office was composed for him by the current Metropolitan of Rhodes, Kyrillos Kogerakis.

Because Saint Gerasimos Palladas was born in 1633 in the village of Skillous (Kalloni) in Pediados of Crete, Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria and All Africa together with Metropolitan Kyrillos of Rhodes, Archbishop Eirenaios Of Crete and others consecrated a church in the village where he was born and raised on Saturday 11 July 2015. This is the first church dedicated to Saint Gerasimos Palladas in the world.