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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Saint Glastian, Bishop and Confessor in Scotland (+ 830)

St. Glastian of Kinglace (Feast Day - January 28)

Saint Glastian was a native of the county of Fife, where he served as Bishop for many years. Amidst the desolation which was spread over the whole country, in the bloody civil war between the Scots and Picts, in which the latter were entirely subdued, Bishop Glastian was the comforter, spiritual father, and most charitable protector of many thousands of both nations. He died in 830, at Kinglace in Fifeshire, Scotland and was particularly honored in that country, and in Kyntire. According to the ancient custom of that country, his name is frequently written Mac-Glastian, the word Mac signifying son.

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