January 27, 2020

Saint Natalis of Ulster (+ 564)

St. Natalis of Ulster (Feast Day - January 27);
(photo) Ruins of St Naile's Church in the Parish of Kinawley

His father was Aenghus, who was 3rd in descent from Lughaidh, King of Munster. Saint Natalis (also called Naile) was a disciple of Saint Columba and founded monasteries throughout Ulster in northern Ireland, serving as an abbot at St Naul’s Abbey, Inver (County Donegal), Kinawley (Cill Naile), Inver Naile (at Raphoe, County Donegal), and Devenish Island, where he succeeded Saint Molaise. A well in his memory still exists beside Kinawley Church, where the handle of his bell was preserved up to the 19th century.

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Apolytikion in the Second Tone
With Columba as thy guide, thou didst learn the monastic disciplines, O Father Natalis, and by this example, thou dost teach us the necessity of accepting spiritual direction, that pleasing God by our obedience, we may be found worthy of great mercy.

Kontakion in Plagal of the First Tone
Having submitted thyself to a master, in pious humility, O Father Natalis, and being renowned for the sanctity of thy life, thou wast deemed worthy to guide others into the way of salvation. Pray that we who hymn thee may be given grace, to submit ourselves to direction, as Christ wills, that we may please Him in all things.