April 1, 2019

Holy Martyrs Gerontios and Basilides

Sts. Gerontios and Basilides (Feast Day - April 1)


Basilides with Gerontios by the sword,
Partook of rewards from the Word who is King of all.

The Holy Martyrs Gerontios and Basilides met their end by the sword.*


* On April 13th we commemorate Saints Theodosia the Princess (daughter of Emperor Hadrian) and the Eunuch Gerontios, but these Saints are not listed in the synaxaria of the Church, instead they are mentioned in the Laura Codex I 70, which gives a brief description of their lives. These Saints however are probably a fabrication of the Holy Martyrs celebrated today, based on the similarity of their names (St. Theodosia is known as the Vasilissa or Princess, which is similar with Vasilides).

There was a church dedicated to the Holy Martyr Gerontios in Constantinople until the end of the 14th century.