November 10, 2018

Venerable Martin the Bishop

Venerable Martin the Bishop (Feast Day - November 10)


Separated from life, short was the road,
The road to the heavens that Martin ran.

The Venerable Martin the Bishop met his end in peace.

Nothing else is known of this Saint Martin. Interestingly, Saint Martin of Tours and Saint Martin of Terracina, both Bishops, are celebrated on November 12th, and some believe the Saint Martin commemorated on November 10th is Saint Martin of Terracina, though both have different iambic verses. In the Latin Church, on November 11th Saint Martin of Tours is celebrated and on November 12th Saint Martin the Pope of Rome is celebrated, who is celebrated by the Greeks on April 13th. This being the case, the Saint Martin celebrated on November 10th can be one of these, or another Bishop we know nothing else about.