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November 4, 2018

Synaxis of All Saints of Cappadocia

On the first Sunday of the month of November, we commemorate all the Saints of Cappadocia, who lived or worked there, indigenous and foreigner, men and women, known and unknown, whose names the Lord alone knows.


Through piety you became holy stars,
Cappadocians indigenous and foreigner.
The multitude of Holy Cappadocians I hymn,
As truly Christ's torchbearers.

Those known to us are the following:

Holy Apostles: Peter, Paul, Andrew, Matthias.

Holy Hierarchs: Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, Peter of Sebaste, Gregory the Theologian, Amphilochios of Iconium, John II of Constantinople, Achilles of Larissa, Oikoumenios of Trikke, Agapetos of Synaus and Firimilian of Caesarea.

Venerables: Savvas the Sanctified, Theodosios the Cenobiarch, Michael Maleinos, Meletios the New of Myoupolis, Irene Chrysovalantou, John the Russian, Arsenios of Farasa, Basil, Luke, Ignatios, Peter the Abbots of Vatheos Ryakos, Stephen of Chenolakkos, Rightous Eudokimos, Hilarion of Dalmatos, Gorgonia the sister of Gregory the Theologian, Macrina the sister of Basil the Great, Nonna the mother of Gregory the Theologian, Naukratios the brother of Basil the Great, Kanides and Joseph the New.

Holy Hieromartyrs: Alexander of Jerusalem, Alexander, Martyrios and Sisinios, Blaise of Sebaste, Karterios and Longinus the Centurion.

Holy Martyrs: Agathodoros, Agapios, Adrian and Euboula, Akakios, Anektos, Anthony, Germanos, Zebinas and Nikephoros, Auxentios, Eugenios, Eustratios, Mardarios and Orestes, Barlaam, Blaise, Gordianos, Gordios, George the Great Martyr, Elasippos, Mesippos, Pausippos and Neonilla, Eroteis and Kapetoline, Eupsychios, another Eupsechios, Thespesios, Hieron and Orestes, Julian and Seleukos, Julitta, Kodratos, Rufinas and Satorninos, Mamas, Merkourios, Porphyrios the Mime, Sergius, Longinus the Centurion and the Two Soldiers with him, Yakinthos.

Holy Neomartyrs: George of Neapolis, Panagiotes of Caesarea and Savvas of Nigdela.

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
Chorus selected by God, sacred company, all-praised Martyrs and multitudes of Venerables, do save us, renowned ones of Cappadocia, we who praise you, deliver us from entanglements, distress and dangers, our untiring intercessors, to the Master of all.