November 6, 2018

Saint Demetrianos, Bishop of Ketheria in Cyprus (+ c. 915)

St. Demetrianos of Ketheria (Feast Day - November 6)

Saint Demetrianos was a native of the village of Syka in the district of Ketheria, and was connected with the service of the Church from his earliest years, since his father was a priest. After much opposition he consented to his parents' entreaties to take a wife, but being left a widower three months after marriage he became a monk at the Monastery of Saint Anthony near Ketheria. There he devoted himself to strict fasting, prayer, obedience and vigils, becoming an example and model to all the monks, and a source of spiritual gifts to the faithful who came to see him.

At the request of Bishop Eustathios, by whom he was ordained a monk, he was appointed to the Bishopric of Ketheria (Chytri). During his occupation of the See there occurred one of the numerous Muslim invasions, to which for some centuries the island was so frequently exposed. Many of his flock were carried away by the raiders to Egypt in around 911-912. The good bishop, commiserating the fate of his flock, followed them into captivity and by his intervention secured their release and restoration to their native land.

He is reported to have died a natural death around the year 915 when he was 81. He is considered in Cyprus to be the patron saint of refugees.

Chapel of Saint Demetrianos in the village of Tersefanou in Larnaka,
built near the ruins of an ancient temple in the year 2000.