November 8, 2018

The Well of Docheiariou Monastery and the Archangels

When Andronikos II Palaiologos (1282-1328) ruled, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel wondrously helped the fathers of Docheiariou Monastery at Mount Athos, revealing to them a well of water.

Until that time water arrived at the monastery by channels, three miles in length, which caused the water to be contaminated and the monks became sick, especially causing swelling and arthritis. So they got together and decided to dig deep and place large tubes for the water to pass through safely. The operation was assigned to a monk-builder, Theodoulos, and he decided to begin the next day.

That night the Archangels Michael and Gabriel appeared to Theodoulos in a dream, and said to him: "Why do you and the monastery tire and inconvenience yourselves in vain? Know that the water can be found in the monastery."

When he heard this, he got up and asked: "I beg you, show me where it is?"

The Archangels then took him by the hand and brought him to the spot where the well can be found today. They dug it out with a pitchfork, and when they came to water they brought it to Theodoulos to drink. He drank and it was very sweet. Immediately after this he woke up.

Theodoulos then told the monks: "Last night I had a dream and the two Archangels came to me, who told me that water exists in the monastery. Let us therefore dig at the spot they showed me."

As soon as they started digging, water began to appear. Digging deeper, they found a greater amount of water. With this, they glorified God and the Archangels.

This water exists until today and is able to heal those who drink from it with faith.