November 10, 2018

Holy Hieromartyr Demetrianos, Bishop of Antioch

St. Demetrianos of Antioch (Feast Day - November 10);
Picture depicts the chronological spiral on the Patriarchal throne at Dayro d-Mor Hananyo.

Saint Demetrianos, known in some sources as Demetrios, became Bishop of Antioch in 252. Among the first things he did was gather a synod in 252 to condemn Novatianism, which was held by his predecessor Fabian. Not long after this, in 256, Antioch fell to the Persians, and Demetrianos was among the captives taken to Persia. There he served as leader of the exiled Christian community and is considered to have became the first Bishop of Gundeshapur. It is said he was martyred in Persia with over twenty other Christians. Despite being far from his original see, Demetrianos was not replaced as Bishop of Antioch until Paul of Samosata became bishop in 260. This was probably because his fate was unknown in Antioch until this time.