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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saint Sophia of Kleisoura Resource Page

St. Sophia of Kleisoura (Feast Day - May 6)


Given the gift of wisdom, divine Sophia,
You were a wise ascetic of our time, in Kleisoura.

Eldress Sophia of Kleisoura, the Ascetic of the Panagia

Some Miracles of Saint Sophia of Kleisoura

The Love of St. Sophia of Kleisoura for Animals

The Heavenly Surgery of Saint Sophia of Kleisoura

Where Saint Sophia of Kleisoura Lived in Asceticism (video)

Was St. Sophia of Kleisoura an Old Calendarist Nun who went by the name Myrtidiotissa?

Eldress Sophia, the Ascetic of Kleisoura, Canonized A Saint

The Canonization of St. Sophia of Kleisoura (photos)

A Bright First Feast for Saint Sophia of Kleisoura

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