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Friday, May 19, 2017

Pontian Genocide Resource Page

Pontian Genocide Remembrance Day - May 19

Panagia Soumela - Pontus and the Pontians

The Pontian Genocide 1916-1923

Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance

HELLENIC GENOCIDE: Was it a "Catastrophe" or a "Devastation"?

Saint Platon Aivazidis (+ 1921)

Holy Ethno-Hieromartyr Euthymios, Bishop of Zela (+ 1921)

Eldress Sophia of Kleisoura, the Ascetic of the Panagia

Rhythms of a Trebizond Pilgrimage

Rare Greek Dialect Alive In Turkey

Panagia Soumela Resource Page

When Turks and Greeks Sing Together

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