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Saint Epiphanios of Salamis Resource Page

St. Epiphanios, Bishop of Cyprus (Feast Day - May 12)


You appeared Epiphanios as great in Cyprus,
Your fame there and death being great.
On the twelfth Epiphanios was seized by death.


Synaxarion of Saint Epiphanios the Bishop of Cyprus

A Biography of Saint Epiphanios of Salamis

Saint Kallitropos, Sister of Saint Epiphanios of Salamis

Saint Epiphanios of Cyprus as a Model for our Lives

Saint Pappos the Confessor, Bishop of Chytri in Cyprus (+ 368)

The Rocky Relationship Between John Chrysostom and Epiphanios of Salamis

The Russian Monk Who Drank Tea and Vodka Daily with Saint Silouan the Athonite

The Skull of Saint Epiphanios of Salamis

The Basilica of Saint Epiphanios in Salamis of Cyprus

The Church and Cave of Saint Epiphanios in Ayia Napa of Cyprus

Documentary: Saint Epiphanios, Bishop of Cyprus (Greek)


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